July17 , 2024

Quinyx’s 2024 State of the Frontline Workforce Report Finds Logistics Employees Feel Undervalued, Unclear on Career Path


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Findings Show Employees Crave Streamlined Communication and Technology, Increased Flexibility and Recognition

Quinyx, an industry leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Workforce Management (WFM) software, today unveiled the results of its 2024 State of the Frontline Workforce Report - US Logistics Report. The report finds that, despite more than 60% of logistics workers considering their roles long-term career commitments, 40% of workers have considered leaving their job in the past year due to low pay and feeling undervalued. 

Based on a survey of today’s frontline logistics workers in fields like transportation, warehouse management, quality assurance and operations, the report is aimed at helping leaders understand what is most important to their employees. With high inflation and a consistently rising cost of living, it is no surprise that pay emerged as a top priority. Low pay was the top reason why workers considered quitting their job in the past year, and it is the top reason for employee dissatisfaction. 

While logistics leaders may not be able to increase pay, they must find ways to make their employees feel more valued and create clearer career paths that enable them to see their roles as long-term commitments. This is especially true the younger the frontline worker is. Only 35% of employees aged 18-24 consider their job a long-term commitment, compared to 67% of those aged 45-54. What’s more, 52% of 18-24 year olds considered quitting in the past year compared to just 36% of those 35 or older. 

Technology is an important area of opportunity to invest in to help employees feel more valued and engaged. Forty-seven percent of frontline logistics workers report that they believe that the future of technology will impact their jobs positively — a number that jumps to 55% when looking at employees under 35. Despite this, almost 70% of respondents reported feeling dissatisfied with the technology provided to them by their employers. 

Much of this dissatisfaction is likely driven by a lack of streamlined communication channels. Today, 71% of frontline workers don’t have one central place to go for work-related communication, forcing them to use unmonitored channels to communicate or rely on word of mouth and paper-based updates. 

“The logistics industry has changed drastically in recent years, creating new stressors for frontline workers that have left them feeling undervalued,” said Quinyx CEO Erik Fjellborg. “By taking a holistic approach to engaging the frontline that incorporates streamlined communication and technology tools that enable more flexibility and increased employee recognition, employers can showcase opportunities for long-term career growth in the logistics industry, resulting in a more productive and engaged workforce.”

For more findings from Quinyx’s survey, download the 2024 State of the Frontline Workforce Report - US Logistics Report. For a look at frontline workforce industry trends through a global lens, you can also download the 2024 State of the Frontline Workforce Report.

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Original Source: Quinyx’s 2024 State of the Frontline Workforce Report Finds Logistics Employees Feel Undervalued, Unclear on Career Path