July17 , 2024

Custom Puppet Studio Opens Location in NoHo: Aiming to Innovate Puppetry


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Furry Puppet Studio announces the opening of its latest facility in NoHo, New York, specializing in bespoke custom puppets for the TV and advertising industries. The new studio aims to become a cornerstone for innovation in puppet design, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics to meet the dynamic needs of the industry.

Behind the Scenes at Furry Puppet Studio

A custom puppet getting some last-minute preening

Furry Puppet Studio, a leader in custom puppet design and fabrication, is excited to announce the opening of its new studio location in the vibrant neighborhood of NoHo, Manhattan. This new hub is dedicated to crafting unique, high-quality puppets for clients worldwide in television, film, music, and advertising.

With a decade of experience, Furry Puppet Studio has become synonymous with cutting-edge puppetry and innovative designs. The studio's creations are far more than simple puppets; from conceptualization to the final product, each puppet is meticulously crafted to convey emotion and character, essential elements for storytelling in today's visual media.

"Our mission has always been to push the boundaries of what puppetry can achieve in modern media," said Zack Buchman, founder and Creative Director at Furry Puppet Studio. "With this new location, we're set up to offer even more specialized services to our clients, making the creative process so much more enjoyable."

Furry Puppet Studio's work has already left a significant mark on the industry, having worked on campaigns for major brands such as Apple and Casper. The studio's custom puppets have featured in a variety of media, including projects with prominent personalities like Michelle Obama and music videos with Pharrell and Missy Elliott, showcasing the studio's versatility and creativity.

"The essence of great puppetry is its ability to connect with audiences on a very human level, and that is what we aim to achieve with our design," Buchman continued. "I'm proud that in the age of TikTok and AI, we're still able to innovate this art form and make it as relevant and captivating as ever."

The opening of the NoHo location is a step forward in Furry Puppet Studio's growth. It not only expands its physical presence but also represents the studio's commitment to leading the resurgence of puppetry in the digital age media. With a team of skilled character designers, fabricators, and puppeteers, the studio is set to continue its tradition of excellence and innovation.

About Furry Puppet Studio

Located in New York, Furry Puppet Studio specializes in creating custom puppets that are designed using its own in-house techniques. The studio strives to revolutionize the art of puppetry, infusing it with fresh, creative energy.

Contact Information:
Stephanie D
Studio Manager
[email protected]
+1 (917) 338-7498

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