April15 , 2024

pCloudy Unveils a Unified App Testing Ecosystem for Everything Testing


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pCloudy Unveils a Unified App Testing Ecosystem for Everything Testing

Combine the power of No Code Test Development, Test Infrastructure, and Test Management in a Single Unified App Testing Platform

We’ve taken a bold step in reimagining pCloudy to reflect our commitment to be User-Driven. The new platform will enable users to eliminate fragmentation by unifying everything into one platform.”

— Avinash Tiwari, Co-founder of pCloudy

DUBLIN, CA, UNITED STATES, February 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — PCloudy, the innovative leader in cloud-based app testing, is proud to announce the revamp of its platform. This significant evolution in the platform embodies a transformation that transcends conventional app testing by introducing a Unified App Testing Ecosystem that is efficient, effective, and democratic in ensuring app quality.

In the landscape of constant technological change, pCloudy observed a growing divide in the testing domain. The promise of automation, intended to be a boon for efficiency, inadvertently introduced complexities that alienated many testing professionals, particularly those without extensive coding expertise. Similarly, seasoned testers found themselves encumbered by intricate code and script maintenance, diverting attention from their core focus on app quality.

With the explosion of various SaaS platforms and increased adoption of cloud-based tools, the unwieldy assortment of tools for various testing needs, heightening the risk of oversight, inflated costs, and inefficiency. It became clear that the solution was not in the multiplicity of tools but in the consolidation of it. This insight became the catalyst for a reimagined platform that addresses every facet of app testing giving us pCloudy’s – Unified App Testing Platform.

The revamp of pCloudy is not just an upgrade; it is a redefinition of the company’s core identity, that aligns with the futuristic vision. One that extends to app testing that is all-encompassing, all-embracing, all-enriching, and beyond.

The new Unified App Testing Platform includes:

1) Codeless Test Automation: Empowering both seasoned testers and no coding experience testers to contribute to quality assurance with equal proficiency.

2) Local or On Cloud Test Execution: Automated & Parallel test execution on your existing cloud or local devices.

3) Comprehensive Test Infrastructure: Featuring 5000+ real device & browser combinations.

4) Painless Test Maintenance with AI-based self-healing capabilities.

5) Test Management: Holistic view on the manual & automated tests run.

6) Seamless DevOps Integration: Enhancing efficiency with easy integration of the existing CI/CD pipelines.

To top it off, the platform has been powered by an AI layer that includes features like Self Healing Capabilities for Appium and Selenium scripts to reduce test maintenance efforts. The platform boasts features like SyncTest to perform manual tests in parallel on multiple devices.

There is AI-powered Bot Testing to run quick sanity and exploratory tests, Visual regression testing to uncover visual bugs through Visual AI, and Progressive Reports to track and analyze performance metrics like CPU, Memory, and battery consumption.

Avinash Tiwari, Co-Founder of pCloudy, states, “We’ve taken a bold step in reimagining pCloudy to reflect our commitment to innovation, excellence and expertise. The new platform is designed to provide businesses with a unified testing experience, enabling efficient testing across all digital touchpoints: Web, Mobile, Desktops, and APIs. Emphasizing an end-to-end testing cycle. pCloudy facilitates every phase of the testing process, from test development to test management, all in a single unified platform. We are eliminating barriers to traditional testing methods by simplifying complexities and providing a holistic platform that meets the needs of today’s diverse and dynamic testing teams.”

The new Unified App Testing Platform is not just a change in the name or functionality; it is an embodiment of a futuristic vision that places users at the forefront, empowering teams to achieve excellence in app quality and optimize the app testing processes, reducing the time to market and increasing the Return on Investment (ROI).

Learn all about the new pCloudy platform today and join the Unified Testing Revolution!

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