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Author, Entrepreneur, and Church Leader Darran Crager to be Featured on Close Up Radio


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Author, Entrepreneur, and Church Leader Darran Crager to be Featured on Close Up Radio

NAMPA, IDAHO, UNITED STATES, April 26, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Many times, we wrongly interpret what our spouses are communicating, even though we are speaking the same language. Because of past experiences, differences in personality types, love languages and focusing on what is wrong with our spouse, chances are you and your spouse go through life with a person you really do not know. Having a clear and focused understanding of who your spouse is in these areas are important keys to successful marriages.

Happily married for 37 years (with bumps along the way), author and spiritual coach Darran L. Crager and his wife Shelly, are working together to teach couples and individuals how to grow a joyful and content marriage that is full of hope.

“I am blessed to wake up every morning next to my wife thinking, ‘I love her more today than I did yesterday.’” Darran shares, “Successful marriages are created with a handful tools, the most important being the ability to understand your spouse by understanding his/her love language or communication style, what is good about them, and what they value.”

As an avid storyteller and reader, Darran has always had visions of storylines. About seven years ago, he started putting pen to paper, and soon had a manuscript that a publisher accepted almost immediately. Guarding the Past has helped changed reader lives, “by opening their eyes to lost truths in the world and through spiritual growth.”

Since then, Darran has written six books, publishing five in four years (his next book, Hiding in the Cloud is scheduled to be released in September, 2024).

“Once I have a full mental picture of the beginning and end of a story, my writing just flows to fill in the blanks.”

In Battle in the Bedroom, Darran explains the four stages of intimacy and marriage. Is Your Life Out of Order? offers practical tips and strategies to restore balance and take charge of your life. His action/thrillers fiction books with Christian themes include In a Warrior’s Quiver, Guarding the Past, and Journey of the Hidden.

According to Darran and Shelly, the biggest challenges facing marriages are communication, sex, and money. Sex in marriage is one of the biggest reasons for fights and divorce. “We know too many couples of all ages with stagnant or in-crisis marriages, and it’s mostly over sex, pornography, or adultery; one way or another.”

Married couples who understand the 4 stages of intimacy and marriage have a greater likelihood of creating a fulfilled and successful marriage. “We are seeing a majority of couples divorcing due to intimacy problems created by unrealistic expectations pre-marriage and during the honeymoon stage. Then in stage 2 of marriage—when children come along—too often, couples focus on the children and prioritize them over the marriage (spouse). One of the highest divorce rates right now are marriages near their 25th year because they never grew their marriage while raising their children.”

Darran explains that one of biggest challenges for parents raising kids’ is isolation. “Children and teenagers in this culture—because of technology—are more isolated by hiding in their bedrooms, not communicating with their parents, living in a mental fictitious world on cell phones and computers, as the internet becomes the modern-day bible. Parents are allowing these things to be the babysitters instead of being active and engaging parents. “Isolation is huge,” laments Darran. The internet can be wonderful, but not when many things on it mentally and emotionally assists in harming the development of our children.”

Other challenges include the enormous lack of honor, respect, and sense of shame. “Parents are not teaching children what honor and respect are, or for that matter demonstrating it to their kids,” shares Darran. “These qualities are not just needed in families, they are needed in the workplace, in government, and our society. How are we to grow a positive and healthy culture of unified citizens if we do not have a foundation of honor and respect? We cannot. We will become a culture of complete selfishness, and trust will be thrown out the window. Without trust, community is shattered and isolation takes over. And when isolation takes over—as it —relationships cease to exist. With no relationships, humanity eventually comes to a dead end.”

What lies ahead? Darran working on several more thrilling fiction books. He and Shelly are planning a book together focusing on parenting, and they will continue holding marriage and parenting seminars through churches and private/Christian schools.

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