July18 , 2024

Anonymous Donor Puts “Scar Dakota” in the Hands of 10,000 Young Readers


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Anonymous Donor Puts “Scar Dakota” in the Hands of 10,000 Young Readers

10,000 copies of Scar Dakota were donated to the Alpine School District

Author Jason F. Wright

Scar Dakota, a middle-grade novel by Jason F. Wright

Generous donation to Alpine School District Foundation ensures thousands of seventh graders will learn the power of scars

We live in a world obsessed with ‘look at me moments.’ Some people only give, only serve, only extend kindness when others are watching. Rare is the soul who does so much good in the shadows.”

— Jason Wright

WOODSTOCK, VIRGINIA , UNITED STATES, May 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA TODAY bestselling author Jason F. Wright, in partnership with the Alpine School District Foundation, announced today that an anonymous donor has provided funding in support of Wright’s debut middle-grade novel, “Scar Dakota.”

The donation came from a private family foundation and has provided 10,000 copies of the hardcover for seventh-grade students. “I’m rarely speechless, but this gift has done it!” Wright said. “When the district expressed a desire to partner up on this book, given that it’s based right in their backyard, I approached a prospective donor with a little bit of hope and a lot of prayer. Honestly we had no idea it would lead to this many books in this many hands, but we’re grateful beyond belief.”

Wright admitted he was initially surprised that the donor insisted on anonymity. “We live in a world obsessed with what I call ‘look at me moments.’ Some people only give, only serve, only extend kindness when others are watching. Rare is the soul who does so much good in the shadows.”

Tyler Vigue, Executive Director of the Alpine School District Foundation, added his own enthusiasm for the gift. “The foundation is thrilled to receive such a generous gift that allows us to get a wonderful book in the hands of so many of our students! ‘Scar Dakota’ is not only a fantastic book that teaches great life lessons, but we are confident that being set right here in our district and including so many local references will excite young readers and hopefully inspire a lifelong love of reading.”

While the journey of “Scar Dakota” begins in North Carolina, its young titular character is soon forced to relocate to Highland, Utah to be raised by his grandparents. Balancing raw grief and his desire for a fresh start, Scar walks into his brand new school with a story, a secret, and a scar on right cheek.

“This story is so personal to me,” Wright said. “It’s fiction, of course, but it’s told through the eyes of a kiddo who reminds me a lot of myself at that age. My seventh grade year was brutal and even though my trials were different from my lead character, I ended that year of my life with some scars that remain a part of me.”

The district’s donated books arrived on May 13 and Vigue will now begin the process of distributing copies to schools across the district and preparing for fall author visits to discuss the book and its themes. “I cannot wait to look thousands of kids in the eyes and share just how much I believe in every single one! I’ll tell them how I learned at their age that not all scars are skin deep. But I finally see how beautiful those scars can become. And so can they.”


Jason Wright is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author. Wright’s work has appeared in hundreds of newspapers, magazines, and he’s written for many online platforms. He’s been seen on CNN, Fox News, CBS News, and on dozens of local media outlets. He and his family live in Woodstock, Virginia.


Shane Dakota’s world is falling to pieces. He’s just moved over Christmas break from North Carolina to the very strange mountain land of Utah. Suddenly Shane’s grandparents are raising him and he’s spending way too much time teaching his grandpa about Netflix while learning more than any seventh grader ever should about pickleball.

But even Shane knows those aren’t his biggest problems. His mother, a member of the National Guard, has just passed away and Shane is struggling with the truth. Plus when the holiday break ends, Shane has to walk into a huge new school with a story, a secret, and a fresh scar on his right cheek.

Shane tries to fit in, but he can’t stop thinking about his mother, wondering about a father he’s never even met, and remembering the bizarre accident in North Carolina that sent his world spinning. Just when it all feels upside down, Shane makes friends with his new neighbors Kabir, Ink, and a crew of almost-famous YouTubers. Shane even scores a new nickname – Scar – and he actually likes it!

But just as Scar finally finds his place, he betrays a friend and receives a mysterious text message that threatens to expose his secret. Can Scar face the truth about friendship and his family in front of the entire seventh grade on the biggest stage he’s ever seen? Will he learn to love the Hindu and Indian traditions of his best friend? Will he learn lessons about the power of religious and cultural diversity in time?

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