July17 , 2024

Yokai Invade the Metaverse in a Fortnite Update that Brings Voice Actors and Japanese Legends to Life


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Yokai Invade the Metaverse in a Fortnite Update that Brings Voice Actors and Japanese Legends to Life

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Mari Takahashi (Voice Actor / e-Sports Voice Actor)

Mari Takahashi (Voice Actor / e-Sports Voice Actor)

Mitsuaki Aizawa (Voice Actor / e-Sports Voice Actor)

Mitsuaki Aizawa (Voice Actor / e-Sports Voice Actor)

Beyond higher quality, this update prepares for a deeper ‘Fan-base’ connection, immersing fans in the world like never before.

TOKYO, JAPAN, March 30, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mondrian Co., Ltd., a game and metaverse business company, today announced the launch of a game production package that integrates voice actor content into the game metaverse. The package will first be deployed on Fortnite, a popular metaverse game platform with over 500 million users worldwide. As the first installment, the company has released the Japanese horror metaverse game “YOKAI BOX PVP.”

Make every attack epic. Game characters come to life with the voices of voice actors.

Voice Actors Mari Takahashi and Mitsuaki Aizawa Bring the Yokai to Life in “YOKAI BOX PVP”.

This company has released its first original game featuring voice actors in the game metaverse, a Japanese horror metaverse game called “YOKAI BOX PVP” featuring Japanese historical culture yokai.

In “YOKAI BOX PVP,” players battle each other as iconic Japanese yokai, such as the Kuchisake-onna (Slit-Mouthed Woman) and the Noppera-bo (Faceless Ghost). The game features the talents of renowned voice actors Mari Takahashi and Mitsuaki Aizawa, who bring 12 kinds of yokai to life.

YOKAI BOX PVP Trailer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6dRb4uOd3I

YOKAI BOX PVP Game Overview


Genre: Box Fight / Platform: Fortnite

Developer: Mondrian Co., Ltd. / Cooperation: Cabbage Systems

MAP Code: 2412-8654-0437


Price: Free to play / Maximum number of players: 16

Voice Actor Profile

Mari Takahashi (Voice Actor / e-Sports Voice Actor)

Born: December 15

Birthplace: Miyagi Prefecture


・Anime: “The Demon Sword Master of the Sacred Sword Academy”

・Movie: “The Oomuro Family”

・Stage: “D.C.Ⅲ 〜Da CapoⅢ 〜Mirai e no Dengon”

Comment: “I love Fortnite, so I was very happy to have this opportunity. I was so excited to play it even when I was recording. Please enjoy the PVP map with various yokai. Let’s play together.”

Mitsuaki Aizawa (Voice Actor / e-Sports Voice Actor)

Born: November 11

Birthplace: Tokyo


・Started challenging e-sports caster in 2022 after being selected as a finalist in the “Jikkyou Ou” e-sports game caster contest.

・Currently active in two different fields as a voice actor and e-sports caster.

Comment: “I was very impressed that the first time I played a game CV was in such a great game as “Fortnite”. I sincerely hope that everyone will enjoy the encounters with the unique yokais. I will go meet them during the day.”

Benefits of Using Voice Actors in Metaverse Games

1)Improved Content Attractiveness: The voice acting of skilled voice actors will bring characters to life, raising the overall creative level of the game. This provides users with a more entertaining and immersive gaming experience.

2)Differentiation from Competing Metaverses: Voice actors are still a rarity in metaverse games, allowing brand’s content to stand out from competitors.

3)Reach a Wide Domestic and International Audience through Fan-base Marketing:The Japanese concept of “anime” has become a global cultural phenomenon. The Japanese voice actors who bring anime characters to life boast immense popularity both in Japan and abroad, attracting dedicated fan bases. By utilizing voice actors, games can expand their recognition and user base not only domestically but also internationally. This strategy, coupled with the differentiation factor, can generate substantial marketing benefits.

4)Use of Local Government and Corporate Characters: Companies and local governments often seek ways to better utilize their original characters. Integrating voice actors with game metaverses can infuse these characters with unique personalities and greater appeal. This empowers local governments and companies to reach their target audiences more effectively.

Message from Mondian Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Takushi Kakuta)

“Many companies, local governments, and organizations have entered the metaverse, generating a variety of content. However, simply publishing 3D models on the Internet isn’t sufficient. To provide more three-dimensional and immersive entertainment, Mondrian is developing a marketing strategy focused on improving the quality of virtual spaces by using voice actors while simultaneously promoting contact with fans and communities. Mondrian will continue to collaborate with the Voice Actor e-Sports Division to make the world of the metaverse even more compelling.”

Message from the Voice Actor e-Sports Division (Representative Director of Object Co., Ltd.: Naoki Yoshimura)

“The Voice Actor e-Sports Division manages an e-sports and game support project alongside Object Co. core business of sound production and casting within the voice actor industry. Fortnite holds immense appeal, not only through its battle royale mode but also in the player-generated worlds of the “Creative Map”. The evolution of these creative spaces has led to even more engaging experiences in recent years. I’ve long envisioned voice actors lending their talents to the characters and announcements within these maps. Object Co. is honored to contribute to the realization of this project. Looking forward to expanding and accelerating this initiative, so please stay tuned.”

About Mondrian Corporation:

Mondrian Corporation, led by CEO Kakuda, is a pioneer in the metaverse industry. Backed by collaborations with major Japanese entities like Tokyo Dome, TV stations, and Wakayama City, Mondrian excels in tourism promotion, esports experiences, and groundbreaking events like the Metaverse Creator Awards (MCA). Their expertise spans multiple platforms, offering comprehensive services from content creation to community building within the metaverse.

For more information about Mondrian, visit Mondrian Website.

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Yokai BOX PVP Trailer


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