July18 , 2024

WrkSpot Releases New Contactless Digital Tipping Solution for Hotels


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New feature in hotel productivity software suite aids hotel workers, as trend toward cashless payment systems has reduced tips for housekeeping staff

Tipping provides an incentive for hotel staff to provide the best service but has become more difficult for hotel guests in the post-pandemic and as guests migrate toward cashless transactions. Wrkspot, the integrated hotel portfolio operations platform, solves that problem with a new contactless digital tipping feature. 

The Wrkspot hotel productivity software suite controls costs and streamlines operations through its integration of human resources information systems, operations management, and communications.  

Wrkspot also is designed to help managers improve employees’ engagement, and the new feature supports that aim.  

"We're excited to add this new digital tipping feature to our WrkSpot platform," said Brent McMahan, head of strategy and growth. “This will support the guest experience, while also supporting hotel staff. It’s a great addition for hotels already using the WrkSpot platform, as well as for new hotels looking for a customer-centric tipping solution." 

Digital tipping is important for both hotels and staff because cash tipping has declined as consumers move toward cashless payment systems. A 2023 survey of housekeepers found that more than half of reported tips from guests have fallen over the past five years. 

WrkSpot’s new feature responds to that trend. Guests will experience the convenience of this newest feature in a visible and accessible spot within every guestroom, via a QR code.  

Tip transactions are handled in real time by Stripe Payment Processing, a trusted transaction gateway. The WrkSpot platform automatically displays all tips to hotel management, who will then have the flexibility to decide whether to disperse tips via payroll or cash payouts. 

The digital tipping feature is available to all current and new WrkSpot customers. 

“This addition to our technology allows housekeepers to continue to be recognized for their contributions toward a great guest stay,” McMahan said. “It’s one more way Wrkspot can help managers work better, smarter, and achieve optimal results.” 

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Founded in 2017, WrkSpot is the developer of a revolutionary software suite for hotel portfolio management that integrates HRIS, operations management, and communication in a single app. By managing and engaging staff, controlling costs, streamlining operations, and improving compliance and safety, WrkSpot optimizes hotel operations. To learn more about WrkSpot, visit wrkspot.com. 

Contact Information:
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Head of Strategy & Growth
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