June24 , 2024

The Future is Briight for Derby Telecom Company


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Briight is an exciting and upcoming Marketing Agency

ParentShield Taps Briight as Its Marketing Agency for Groundbreaking Video Campaigns

We are thrilled to be partnering with Briight as our marketing agency for our upcoming video campaigns. Briight’s proven track record and creative flair was just what we were looking for.”

— Graham Tyers

DERBY, DERBYSHIRE, UK, November 23, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — ParentShield, UK’s Child Safe Mobile Network, is pleased to announce its partnership with Briight, the visual marketing agency causing waves from their impressive studio in Derby.

ParentShield has chosen Briight to spearhead its first-ever Video Campaigns for Social Media and Advertising, aiming to further enhance its brand presence and engage with a wider audience.

As an innovative and forward-thinking and award-winning telecommunications company, ParentShield has revolutionised the way parents protect their children while using mobile devices. With a strong commitment to child safety, ParentShield offers a comprehensive suite of mobile services that enables parents to monitor and manage their child’s mobile phone usage effectively, and have real peace of mind during the process of introducing a first mobile phone.

Briight, a dynamic and creative marketing agency, has quickly gained recognition for its ability to deliver impactful campaigns that connect with target audiences, counting household names such as Microsoft, HECK Foods and the BBC amongst their clients. Through their commitment to creating meaningful and engaging content, Briight has established a reputation for helping businesses grow their brands through strategic marketing initiatives.

Under this exciting new partnership, Briight will leverage its expertise in video production and social media advertising to develop compelling campaigns that align with ParentShield’s core values. By harnessing the power of video, ParentShield aims to educate and inform more parents about the importance of protecting their children in the digital age.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Briight as our marketing agency for our upcoming video campaigns,” said Graham Tyers, CEO of ParentShield. “Briight’s proven track record in creating impactful content and their deep understanding of our target audience make them the perfect partner to help us raise awareness about child safety in the telecoms world.”

“Also both being based in Derby – we have an excellent opportunity to work closely together on the project.”

With an increasing number of parents concerned about their children’s online safety, ParentShield recognises the need to reach a wider audience and communicate the importance of their services effectively. By collaborating with Briight, ParentShield intends to leverage the agency’s expertise to create videos that resonate with parents and highlight the unique features of their Child Safe Mobile network.

“We are honoured to be chosen as ParentShield’s marketing agency for their video campaigns,” said Robert Dawes Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Briight. “We believe in ParentShield’s mission of protecting children in the digital age, and we are excited to bring our creative vision to help this powerful solution reach even more people.”

Briight’s team of talented professionals will work closely with ParentShield to craft visually stunning and emotionally compelling videos that convey the brand’s message effectively. By utilising the latest techniques and industry best practices, Briight aims to create campaigns that captivate and inspire parents to prioritise their children’s safety while using mobile devices.

“We are confident that Briight’s expertise and innovative approach will help us achieve our marketing goals,” added Graham. “Together, we will make a significant impact in raising awareness about child safety and empower parents to take control of their children’s first learning experiences with mobile phones.”

As ParentShield and Briight embark on this exciting collaboration, both companies are committed to making a difference in the lives of parents and children across the UK. The video campaigns are expected to launch in the coming months, targeting various social media platforms and advertising channels to maximise reach and engagement.

For more information about ParentShield and its Child Safe Mobile network, please visit https://parentshield.co.uk. To learn more about Briight and its creative marketing solutions, please visit https://www.briight.co.uk

About ParentShield:
ParentShield is the UK’s leading Child Safe Mobile network, offering parents a comprehensive suite of mobile services that enable them to protect and manage their child’s mobile phone usage effectively. With a strong commitment to child safety, ParentShield continues to innovate and revolutionise the way parents safeguard their children and educate them in the art of safe, respectful communication.

About Briight:
Briight is a visual marketing agency based in Derby, UK and operating across the nation. They create marketing and content for many brilliant companies, including household names, such as Microsoft, HECK foods and the BBC. With a focus on strategy and brand, and their talent for video production and social media marketing, Briight helps businesses grow their brands through strategic marketing initiatives that captivate and engage consumers.

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