July18 , 2024

Tad More Tailoring Launches Inspiring Sustainable Fashion Campaign


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Sustainable Fashion: At Least 30 Wears

Repair and wear the clothes you already have instead of throwing them away.

Tad More Tailoring is proud to introduce a groundbreaking initiative aimed at encouraging Americans to make a meaningful and impactful resolution for 2024. #AtLeast30Wears calls on individuals to commit to wearing every new garment in the upcoming year at least 30 times. By doing so, every American can contribute significantly to a movement that will reduce our carbon footprint and textile waste.

The environmental impact of the textile industry is a growing concern, with clothing production contributing to pollution, water scarcity, and greenhouse gas emissions. It is the second-biggest polluter after the oil industry, according to the United Nations. Tad More Tailoring is determined to lead by example, urging consumers to take a simple-yet-impactful step toward sustainability. If every American pledges to wear the clothes they buy at least 30 times in 2024, the collective reduction in resource consumption and emissions is huge.

"Small changes in our everyday choices can lead to significant positive outcomes for the environment," said Sarene Alsharif, CEO of Tad More Tailoring. "The ‘At Least 30 Wears for 2024' movement is not just about reducing our carbon footprint; it's about raising awareness and inspiring a shift towards more responsible consumer behavior." It is as easy as fixing your favorite pants instead of throwing them away.

Here are a few eye-opening facts about why it is important to join the movement and why people’s choices make an impact :

"We believe that by joining this movement, Americans can lead the way in promoting sustainability in the fashion industry," Sarene Alsharif added. "Together, we can make a significant impact on our environment, one outfit at a time."

Tad More Tailoring invites everyone to join the movement and share their commitment on social media using the hashtag #AtLeast30Wears. By encouraging friends and family to participate, individuals can amplify the campaign's reach and inspire even more Americans to make a positive change in the new year.

About Tad More Tailoring

Tad More Tailoring is a fashion tech start-up revolutionizing the tailoring industry by making tailoring accessible to people all over the USA. Now, people can save money and save the world by altering their clothes from the convenience of their homes.


Contact Information:
Sarene Alsharif
CEO and Co-Founder
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