July17 , 2024

Strategic Partnership Between Level 3 Audiovisual and Town of Gilbert, AZ, Delivers Comprehensive Upgrades Across Local Government


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Strategic partnership with AV integrator pays big dividends in cost savings, workplace efficiency, data security, and improved public services for booming Arizona town.

The Town of Gilbert, home to a quarter-million people in the Phoenix metropolitan area, hired Level 3 Audiovisual for a single project in 2016. Nearly eight years later, that contract has grown into a thriving partnership that has helped the town address a multitude of challenges, highlighting the benefits that a strategic partner relationship can provide.   

Level 3 Audiovisual has been a leading AV systems integrator and solutions provider for nearly three decades, with more than 2,000 major projects completed in 22 countries, with clients as diverse as JP Morgan Chase Bank, Amex, Department of Defense, Kia, Micron, New York Life, and Mayo Clinic. 

The Town of Gilbert is dealing with the ripple effects of a challenge common to Sun Belt cities: rapid population growth, which places stress on outdated technology infrastructure and creates inefficiencies in municipal employees’ work.  

Recently, Level 3 Audiovisual collaborated with the Town of Gilbert team to modernize their Municipal Council Chambers. Following the successful completion of the contract, officials recognized the company’s potential to address broader system-wide challenges.  

Sasan Poureetezadi, Gilbert’s Chief Technology Officer, expressed, “Gilbert is a vibrant and innovative municipality that has experienced rapid growth. Partnering with Level 3 Audiovisual to modernize and integrate our AV environment has allowed us to achieve critical objectives outlined in our IT Roadmap. It has also transformed the way we engage and communicate with our community, staff, and business partners.” 

To achieve these goals, Gilbert engaged Level 3 Audiovisual as its primary AV vendor. As an Arizona state contract vendor, Level 3 Audiovisual holds certification to deliver expert AV integrations and installations to a diverse range of government entities, ensuring optimal AV solutions for government that align with their unique needs and requirements. 

“At Level 3 Audiovisual, we take pride in surpassing the typical role of an AV vendor. Our mission extends beyond technology; it’s about empowering clients to achieve their goals. We strategically plan for the future, consistently deliver quality, enhance user experiences, and realize cost savings. Transformative partnerships are at the core of what we do," said Jeff Bethke, Level 3 Audiovisual’s Chief Business Officer. 

This strategic partnership established Level 3 Audiovisual as the town’s supplier of AV equipment, such as video conferencing systems, live streaming capabilities, control rooms, wireless presentation, digital signage, and direct view LED video walls, and as the provider of AV services and support contracts.  

In the short term, the partnership provided the Town of Gilbert with expertise in selecting and purchasing the AV infrastructure best suited to its programmatic needs and budget constraints, typically the greatest barrier for government bodies seeking to implement improvements.   

It also gave the Town of Gilbert an expert technology support team, essential for maximizing employees’ workflow and preventing deterioration and early replacement of expensive AV equipment. 

Both can pay significant financial dividends. A recent study from the U.S. Government Accountability Office reported that the 10 legacy technology systems needing modernization cost taxpayers $337 million a year to operate and maintain compared to newer systems being much less expensive to manage. 

However, a relationship with an experienced firm as a preferred vendor can have longer-term benefits as well. 

Level 3 Audiovisual is strengthening its partnership with the Town of Gilbert by maintaining a robust support contract. Using their advanced Network Operations Center (NOC), they actively monitor AV systems, addressing issues oftentimes before they impact the client. Their remote access tool is top-notch and SOC2 compliant, ensuring added security. For the Town of Gilbert and others, this translates to the assurance that your systems will function when you need them to. 

AV systems are a well-known choke point for workplace efficiency. New research from Grammarly reveals from respondents that nearly three in four business leaders (72%) say their team struggled with communicating effectively over the last year, and most business leaders (82%) and employees (59%) are concerned about effective communication with remote or hybrid working models in the future. Leaders estimate teams lose the equivalent of nearly an entire workday (7.47 hours) each week to poor communication—or approximately $12,506 per employee every year. The study estimates up to a $1.2 trillion annual loss among businesses due to inefficiencies. 

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) advises that efficient and modern technology is crucial for government entities to provide quality services to citizens. AV systems can improve citizens’ experience with the government, from digital signage and video walls that provide easy access to timely information, video conferencing, and livestreaming that connects citizens to officials. Better experiences with their government can generate more public support from citizens and constituents.  

AV solutions also allow government agencies to connect more effectively with each other and afford collaboration that can improve services, enhance safety and security, and more. 

“Level 3 Audiovisual is proud to stand by the Town of Gilbert, offering comprehensive support that goes beyond mere technology. Our commitment extends to ensuring operational reliability through proactive monitoring and secure remote access tools, empowering Gilbert to focus fully on its mission of serving the community with confidence and efficiency,” said Jeff Bethke, Level 3 Audiovisual’s Chief Business Officer. 

For more information, please visit https://level3av.com/government-av-solutions

About Level 3 Audiovisual:  
Level 3 Audiovisual is a global AV services leader with a mission: to help individuals and organizations reach their greatest potential. Its dedication to this mission is exemplified by being one of only four AV9000 quality management system-certified companies in the world. Its offerings include the design, deployment, and support of audiovisual systems as well as AV-as-a-Service (AVaaS), which allows customers to subscribe to meeting spaces or classrooms and forget about maintenance, upgrades, and support. For global organizations, it offers its proprietary Enterprise Program Management (EPM) solution, a managed service purpose-built to define and augment a global enterprise's audiovisual and meeting room program, focused specifically on centralized management of the architecture, deployment, and continued success of meeting room systems. As a thought leader in the industry, Level 3 Audiovisual continues to push the boundaries of AV/IT and offer increasing value for its customers while also sharing its knowledge with its peers. 

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