July18 , 2024

ServiceUp Unveils InstaPay, Expediting Payments to Auto Repair Shops


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ServiceUp launches InstaPay, the latest feature in its robust repair management platform. InstaPay provides repair shops with expedited payment processing immediately after repairs are complete, improving repair shop cash flow and productivity.

ServiceUp, a leading technology company streamlining automotive repairs, is proud to unveil a new feature designed to transform the way repair shops manage payments. With the launch of InstaPay, ServiceUp is further expediting the payment process, providing improved cash flow and increased productivity for repair shops. 

Empowering Repair Shops With InstaPay

Repair shops that are part of ServiceUp's extensive repair network or those collaborating directly with ServiceUp’s fleet and insurance customers can now leverage the power of InstaPay. This innovative payment feature expedites the payment process, ensuring that repair shops receive their funds within 24-48 hours after completing repairs, eliminating the need to wait for extended periods.

"We understand the challenges that repair shops face when it comes to managing payments," said Kunal Rupani, CPO of ServiceUp. "With InstaPay, we aim to streamline the payment process, allowing repair shops to focus on what they do best — providing exceptional repairs to their customers."

Streamlining Operations and Strengthening Partnerships

InstaPay eliminates the arduous task of chasing down late or missed payments when working directly with customers. Shops also no longer have to wait 30-60 days, the typical net payment terms, before payments hit their bank account. By providing repair shops with prompt payments, InstaPay ensures improved cash flow, enabling shops to allocate resources more effectively and confidently pursue growth opportunities.

Beyond the benefits to repair shops, InstaPay also enhances the experience for ServiceUp’s fleets and insurance customers. By ensuring timely payments, repair shops, fleets, and insurance customers can foster stronger relationships, leading to increased trust and satisfaction within the repair industry. 

The Future of Shop Payment Processing

ServiceUp's InstaPay represents a significant step forward in the automotive repair industry. By addressing the pain points associated with traditional payment processes, InstaPay empowers repair shops, fleets, and insurance customers alike, driving efficiency across the industry and fostering stronger partnerships.

"As pioneers in the automotive technology space, we are committed to innovation that delivers tangible benefits to our customers," said Kunal Rupani. "InstaPay is just the beginning of our journey towards revolutionizing the automotive repair industry, and we're excited to continue pushing boundaries and driving positive change."

About ServiceUp

ServiceUp is revolutionizing the entire car repair experience by saving businesses, policyholders, and shops from the trouble of an outdated repair ecosystem. Our tech-driven repair platform automates tasks within the repair process, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced costs, and a boost in customer satisfaction.

For more information, visit serviceup.com.

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Head of Marketing
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Original Source: ServiceUp Unveils InstaPay, Expediting Payments to Auto Repair Shops