May27 , 2024

Pink Triangle Press Announces New Initiative Supporting LGBTQ2S+ Representation on Screens


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Canada’s preeminent LGBTQ2S+ media organization launches research partnership with the Canada Media Fund

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 6, 2023 / — Pink Triangle Press, one of the world’s longest running LGBTQ2S+ media organizations, is launching an initiative, with support from the Canada Media Fund (CMF), that will help drive greater diversity within Canadian film, television, streaming, and gaming industries.

The partnership will celebrate and advocate for LGBTQ2S+ professionals working in screen industries through research, reporting, and recognition, with the foundation of their work established through an industry-wide survey to identify needs, gaps, systemic issues, and opportunities for LGBTQ2S+ professionals working in film, television, streaming, and gaming.

“Pink Triangle Press has a long history of advocating for the rights and visibility of LGBTQ2S+ people here in Canada. This research data, informed by the insights of professionals in the industry, will animate important conversations within the various screen industries in this country about LGBTQ2S+ representation and opportunities,” says David Walberg, executive director of Pink Triangle Press. “We are initiating this discussion at a pivotal moment — a time where there is a lot of public ugliness directed toward the LGBTQ2S+ community. Queer and trans people have often been maligned in screen representation historically, so it’s important to celebrate and encourage more complex narratives. Needless to say, this is critical work and we thank the CMF for its leadership and support.”

The release of the landmark research paper by Pink Triangle Press will be the first of several industry “Pink Papers” focused on LGBTQ2S+ representation. This first Pink Paper will also include in-depth analysis of a sample of Canadian content released in 2023 to assess how LGBTQ2S+ people are represented. The intention is to celebrate achievements, highlight areas where the industry can do better, and set a baseline to track progress over time. The editorial team at Xtra Magazine, the flagship publication of Pink Triangle Press, will contribute to the Pink Papers, bringing independent journalistic credibility and a long legacy of covering entertainment and culture through a LGBTQ2S+ lens to the project.

“The Canada Media Fund supports the creation of more inclusive stories for all audiovisual media platforms. We still have a lot of work to do to shine a bright light on more queer storytellers. Pink Triangle Press is a leader in LGBTQ2S+ advocacy and a pioneer in culture and journalism. The CMF is excited to support their vision and expertise in this important work,” says Mathieu Chantelois, executive vice president of marketing and public affairs at the CMF. “On a personal note, as a gay dad of two toddlers, I want my kids to grow up seeing families like ours and other LGBTQ2S+ people represented constructively and credibly on our screens.”

The first annual Pink Paper will be made available in 2024 to the industry at large, as a resource that can be used to support Canada’s screen industries and LGBTQ2S+ professionals. All activity will be bilingual and representative of both the French and English Canadian markets.

About Pink Triangle Press:

Pink Triangle Press (PTP) has a mission to advocate for the rights and visibility of LGBTQ2S+ communities. We have been a leading LGBTQ2S+ media voice since 1971 with our groundbreaking journalism and advocacy now led by Xtra Magazine, the first LGBTQ2S+ publication internationally to be part of The Trust Project ( and a 2023 gold medal winner for overall excellence at the Digital Publishing Awards. PTP exists to inspire LGBTQ2S+ communities to pursue a future where everyone is free to celebrate who they are and communities feel seen and heard, empowered to think and act and grow and fill the world. PTP is governed as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to our mission: Daring together to set love free.

About the Canada Media Fund:

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) fosters, develops, finances, and promotes the production of Canadian content and applications for all audiovisual media platforms. The CMF guides Canadian content towards a competitive global environment by fostering industry innovation, rewarding success, enabling a diversity of voice, and promoting access to content through public and private sector partnerships. The CMF receives financial contributions from the Government of Canada and Canada’s cable, satellite, and IPTV distributors.

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