June24 , 2024

Pasarelas de Pagos Introduces Advanced Payment Technologies


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Pasarelas de Pagos integrates facial, voice, fingerprint, and NFC payment technologies, enhancing transaction security and efficiency.

Our objective is to develop the most innovative, secure, and efficient payment systems currently available online,”

— Jose Luis Orlando Yabiku Sifuentes

UNITED STATES, April 17, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Global – Under the leadership of founder Jose Luis Orlando Yabiku Sifuentes, Pasarelas de Pagos is refining the payment gateway sector by introducing innovative ways for businesses and consumers to conduct financial transactions. The company is committed to enhancing the e-commerce and payments landscape through robust, secure, and efficient integration across various platforms and systems.

Integrating Advanced Payment Methods

Pasarelas de Pagos has mastered the integration of modern payment technologies, including facial recognition, voice activation, fingerprint identification, and Near Field Communication (NFC), along with the Payment Request API. The company supports over 500 integrations with major ERP and CRM systems, such as SAP, Dynamics, Odoo, Salesforce, Zoho, and HubSpot. This wide range of compatibility enables businesses to enhance their operational flexibility and efficiency, keeping pace with a rapidly evolving digital environment.

Enhancing E-Commerce and B2B Solutions

Pasarelas de Pagos is actively expanding its e-commerce capabilities, delivering comprehensive B2B and B2C solutions. These include specialized developments for e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and applications. The company remains at the forefront of digital commerce transformation, also spearheading developments in AI and VR/AR technologies.

Offering Customizable Payment Solutions

The company provides a variety of payment options to meet diverse client needs, including subscription payments and split payments for marketplaces. This flexibility allows businesses to provide their customers with more personalized and convenient payment choices, thereby enhancing the user experience.

Prioritizing Security and Innovation

Led by Jose Luis Orlando Yabiku Sifuentes, Pasarelas de Pagos prioritizes security and direct integrations to ensure transparent transactions and data confidentiality. The company’s payment plugins, compatible with leading providers like Mercado Pago, BAC Credomatic, FAC, and Stripe, facilitate robust solutions on platforms including Magento, Vtex, Odoo, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and SAP.

Vision for the Future of Payments

“Our objective is to develop the most innovative, secure, and efficient payment systems currently available online,” states Jose Luis Orlando Yabiku Sifuentes, CEO. “We aim to enhance not just payment gateways but also the future landscape of digital transactions.”

About Pasarelas de Pagos:

Pasarelas de Pagos stands as a leader in the payment gateway industry, dedicated to revolutionizing digital transactions with secure and innovative integration services. The company provides scalable solutions tailored to the needs of various sectors, aiming to enhance business growth and customer interaction.

Visit Pasarelas de Pagos Online:

LinkedIn: Orlando Yabiku Sifuentes

YouTube: Pasarelas de Pagos Channel

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