July14 , 2024

OnPrintShop Unveils Version 11.0, Promises More Competitive and Advanced Print Automation Capabilities


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OnPrintShop, the industry-leading w2p service provider for 2000+ global print businesses, has launched its recent update, version 11.0. The new upgrade is aimed at enhancing customer experience through print workflow efficiency and unparalleled automation for print operations.

OnPrintShop, the leading web-to-print software provider, has recently launched its new upgrade, Version 11.0 that promises groundbreaking print automation and unhinged capabilities for print commerce businesses aiming at top-tier growth. This release marks a significant stride for the firm in empowering businesses of all sizes with cutting-edge features designed to automate print operations, safeguard accounts and to provide a smooth printing experience.

Naresh Devra, VP of Product Development at OnPrintShop mentioned, “Release 11.0 is a massive step towards our aim of streamlining the web-to-print industry with the power of emerging technology. With this upgrade, our aim is to make print businesses more aligned to the evolving needs of the market, enhance the scope of print customization, make print production more efficient, boost acceptance for emerging technology integrations in the w2p and drive broader collaboration between print businesses and end customers.”

What The New Release brings in:  

The features in OnPrintShop’s 11.0 release enhances operational productivity and print performance in the W2P industry. New updates have been introduced for easy design creation, elevated data security, streamlined data access, and simplified promotional efforts. The release includes exciting features like InDesign integration, PDF Block Template Management and dynamic QR code generator.  

With a focus on customer data protection, login attempts have been reduced to prevent Brute Force Attacks and Google Authentication has been enabled for enhanced data encryption. Features for global clients following multiple time zones include multi-currency support, location-compliant Tax/VAT calculations, time-zone aligned multi-store setup and holiday promotion setup.

Major enhancements include designs tools, payment options, shipping procedures, SSO integrations. Improvements are made to the quote module, admin module, design studio, front store, order module and third-party integrations.

The firm has already rolled out and made the new and enhanced features available for its users on 26th December 2023. Focused strongly on building elevated user experience through enhanced solution performance, OnPrintShop is progressing rapidly on its commitment towards reshaping automation in print. 

As a leading innovator in the web-to-print segment, OnPrintShop is consistently architecting intelligent print capabilities and reshaping the future or w2p for the global markets. The firm frequently engages with print enthusiasts around the world to understand their business expectations and exhibits its w2p innovation for cutting-edge growth.

About OnPrintShop

OnPrintShop is a leading Web2Print solution provider, reshaping the printing industry with advanced technology and innovative solutions. Committed to enhancing efficiency and customer experiences, OnPrintShop holds a key position in the market, offering tailored solutions to a global clientele. As a trusted partner, the company prioritizes ongoing innovation to ensure printing businesses thrive in the digital era. 

For more details, visit OnPrintShop’s official website.

Contact Information:
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AVP - Sales
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Original Source: OnPrintShop Unveils Version 11.0, Promises More Competitive and Advanced Print Automation Capabilities