July14 , 2024

New Research Reveals Critical Gaps in Mobile Technology for Frontline Workers


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VDC Research and BlueFletch today released a compelling report titled "Boosting Productivity of Frontline Workers with Modern Mobility," offering invaluable insights into the current use and future potential of mobile technology in enhancing the productivity of frontline workers. 

The comprehensive study done by VDC Research involved over 150 operations and technology decision-makers across North America and Europe in retail, manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation, and sheds light on the significant gaps in tooling, security, and lifecycle support for mobile devices in the workplace.

Key Findings from the Report:

1. Shared Mobile Devices: In North America, 75% of organizations surveyed have frontline workers sharing mobile devices, highlighting the widespread adoption of this practice.

2. Application Usage Increase: Frontline mobile workers now rely on an average of five or more unique applications to support their work, marking an over 80% increase in the past 24 months.

3. User Experience and Security Challenges: Many organizations struggle with optimizing user experience and security management for shared devices. Issues such as shared PINs, complex application authentication, and lack of asset visibility lead to inefficiencies and high support costs.

These findings underscore the need for enterprises to reevaluate their mobile device strategies, focusing on enhancing security, user experience, and lifecycle management to maximize the productivity and satisfaction of frontline workers.

The report also delves into the future of mobile device technology in the workplace, emphasizing the growing importance of seamless integration and user-friendly solutions. Organizations are now prioritizing investments in mobility solutions to attract and retain talent, with over 90% of respondents believing that such investments will make the workplace more attractive to candidates.

"We are at a pivotal moment where the effective use of mobile technology can significantly enhance the productivity and satisfaction of frontline workers," said Brett Cooper, Founding Partner at BlueFletch. "The report not only highlights the current gaps but also offers a roadmap for organizations to harness the full potential of mobile technology in supporting their frontline workforce."

To access the full report and gain deeper insights into the current landscape and future trends of mobile technology for frontline workers, please visit https://bluefletch.com/report-frontline-workers-and-mobility/

For an in-depth conversation on the findings of the report, BlueFletch will host a webinar on January 25 at 1:00 p.m. ET.  To register, please visit visit https://bluefletch.com/webinar-frontline-workers-and-mobility/

About VDC Research
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About BlueFletch
BlueFletch is an award-winning innovator in the mobility industry, helping enterprises secure, manage, and support their shared workforce mobile devices. The flagship product BlueFletch Enterprise is trusted by the Fortune 1000 in retail, transportation, logistics, and warehousing worldwide. Providing a customized launcherAndroid SSO, support and analytics, and device tracking and management for frontline workforce devices, BlueFletch Enterprise ensures an organization’s mobility initiatives are effective and secure. Learn more at https://www.bluefletch.com

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Original Source: New Research Reveals Critical Gaps in Mobile Technology for Frontline Workers