July11 , 2024

Nemysis Limited Signs With Kolinpharma SpA an IHAT Sales and Marketing Agreement


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Nemysis Ltd and Kolinpharma® SpA (“Kolinpharma®”) are pleased to announce they have signed a non-exclusive sales and marketing agreement for IHAT (Iron Hydroxide Adipate Tartrate), Nemysis’ innovative oral iron supplementation product.

Under the agreement, Kolinpharma® will use its existing sales network and relationships with relevant clinical communities to market IHAT under its brand KIPFeR®. Concurrently, Nemysis intends to directly market IHAT under its brand, Tolfer, within Italy. Combined with Nemysis’ existing channels, this agreement will enhance coverage of the target markets within Italy, one of the largest in Europe.

Marco Cartolari, Nemysis' COO, states: "We are pleased to partner with Kolinpharma and further expand our efforts to bring our cutting-edge oral iron supplementation product to a wider audience. By leveraging Kolinpharma’s specialist distribution network and expertise, we aim to ensure the broadest possible access to the latest and most effective solution for individuals suffering from iron deficiencies.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Nemysis and to have secured this distribution agreement for such an innovative oral iron supplementation product,” said Rita Paola Petrelli, Kolinpharma’s President. “This partnership allows us to expand our product portfolio and address the unmet needs of individuals with iron deficiencies and make a real difference in improving the health and well-being of countless patients."

About iron deficiency

Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia are the most widespread nutritional deficiencies, affecting ~1.2 billion people globally, and are associated with a slew of symptoms, including tiredness, lack of energy, shortness of breath and, in more severe cases, an increased risk of serious morbidity and impaired immunity.

About IHAT

IHAT is a nanoparticulate ferric iron supplement that respects the physiology of natural iron. It was developed as an analogue of dietary ferritin, the natural iron storage protein, and follows its route of absorption. Like ferritin, IHAT is absorbed as whole nanoparticles in the intestine and does not release 'free' iron, a highly redox reactive form of iron and the culprit of the gastrointestinal side effects seen with conventional oral iron supplements. IHAT is efficacious and well-tolerated, with no negative impact on the gut microbiome.

About Nemysis Limited

NEMYSIS LTD, an Irish healthcare and pharmaceutical company, focuses on nutritional and pharmaceutical solutions to tackle Iron Deficiency/Anemia and Gluten Intolerance.



KOLINPHARMA® Spa, founded in 2013 and listed on the EGM market since March 2018, is an innovative SME operating in the nutraceutical market and specialized in Research and Development carried out both internally and in collaboration with the major Italian universities. KOLINPHARMA® products are made with innovative and natural raw materials and on the advice of the HCPs they aim to support pharmacological treatments mainly for pathologies in the orthopaedic-physiatric, urological-gynecological and neurological fields.

Product efficacy is validated by numerous scientific evidences, through the conduct of in vitro and clinical studies and publications in international scientific journals. The Company distributes its own branded products throughout Italy through a qualified network of over 90 Medical-Scientific Representatives (IMS). Internal R&D has allowed the registration of 46 patents, of which seven patents are in Italy, six in the USA, one in Israel and 32 patents in the main European countries. Kolinpharma also holds 13 certifications, of which nine on the company and three on the products. Furthermore, the products are free of gluten, milk, lactose and derivatives.

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20122 Milan, Italy

Contact Information:
Rita Paola Petrelli
[email protected]

Danilo Casadei Massari
[email protected]

Original Source: Nemysis Limited Signs With Kolinpharma SpA an IHAT Sales and Marketing Agreement