July17 , 2024

MVMNT Integrates With Truckstop to Streamline Load Postings for Freight Brokers


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Unified Load Management: MVMNT TMS's Real-Time Integration with Truckstop Enhances Brokerage Load Posting Workflow

MVMNT x Truckstop

MVMNT Integrates with Truckstop to Streamline Load Postings for Freight Brokers

MVMNT, a leading Transportation Management System (TMS) for freight brokers, today announces its integration with Truckstop, one of the industry’s largest freight marketplaces and load boards. This integration streamlines Truckstop’s load board access directly from the MVMNT TMS, enhancing operational efficiency and accelerating the connecting process with carriers.

Based in Chicago, MVMNT is built on a foundation of real-world freight expertise, aiming to empower small to medium-sized brokerages with technology that was once exclusive to industry giants. Andy Tomka, VP of Product at MVMNT, said, “This integration significantly enriches the end-to-end brokerage experience. Getting your load posted shouldn't require opening a new tab.”  He continued, “Our MVMNT TMS, adept at managing the most complex freight scenarios, not only expedites operations but also boosts financial returns.” Tomka emphasized, “Incorporating Truckstop’s load board into our TMS reflects our dedication to streamlining the brokerage process in its entirety.”

The integration enables MVMNT customers to effortlessly post their loads in real-time to Truckstop directly within the MVMNT TMS. This removes the need for brokers to manually enter loads on different platforms, saving time and broadening access to a wider range of carriers.

Key Benefits of the MVMNT-Truckstop Integration:

  • Automated Load Posting: Automatic load posting enables faster matches with carriers.
  • Centralized Load Management: Users can efficiently manage (post, edit, or remove) loads on Truckstop.com directly within the MVMNT TMS, significantly improving workflow efficiency.
  • Enhanced Organizational Tools: The integration includes features for tracking post activity within the TMS, fostering improved organizational transparency. 

As the freight market grapples with fluctuating supply and demand dynamics, this collaboration with Truckstop is a timely addition to the MVMNT platform. Addressing the current overcapacity issue stemming from an abundance of trucks to available freight, this partnership provides MVMNT users with a broader network of carriers. It's necessary to enhance flexibility and adaptability for freight brokers in a market characterized by constant shifts. 

Alan Alberto, Truckstop’s Director of Partnerships and Alliances, said, “Our integration partnerships are critical moves forward in our efforts to empower businesses in the freight industry to utilize technology to run their operations more effectively. As the most trusted freight marketplace in North America, we are excited for MVMNT to join our robust group of Truckstop’s partners.”

Contact Information:
Audrey Song
Senior Director of Marketing, MVMNT
[email protected]

Original Source: MVMNT Integrates With Truckstop to Streamline Load Postings for Freight Brokers