June24 , 2024

Meet the Loudest on the Block: Claybourne Flyers 1.5g Infused Blunt


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Top-selling California cannabis brand, Claybourne Co.®, has just launched their new, Flyers™ 1.5g Infused Blunt - a higher quality option for legal market consumers.

Claybourne Flyers 1.5g Infused Blunts

Premium indoor full fug flower infused with THCa diamonds, liquid diamonds, terpenes and wrapped in an herbal blend of chamomile, cacao, and yerba mate.

Southern California-based, premium lifestyle cannabis brand, Claybourne Co. has launched a new addition to their Flyers line of pre-rolls, a 1.5 gram infused blunt.

Out of the package the blunt features a list of higher-quality ingredients compared to similar formats on the CA market. The list starts with in-house grown, premium indoor full nug flower infused with THCa diamonds, liquid diamonds, and topped off with a combination of botanical, naturally-derived terpenes. Lastly, the 1.5 grams of infused flower is wrapped in a unique, herbal blend of chamomile, cocoa, and yerba mate. This formulation of premium ingredients, as opposed to kief and distillate, provides a more pure, potent, and flavorful experience to the end consumer. In their final form, the infused blunt(s) are showcasing an average of 55% total THC. 

Claybourne has rolled out 6 strains for the launch of the new product: 2 sativas - Strawberry Cough and Blue Dream, 2 hybrids - Pineapple Express and Lemon Lime Kush, and 2 indicas - Banana OG and Grape Gasolina. The strains are housed in slim, easy to carry mylar pouches, a familiar format to traditional blunt wraps. Each individual package utilizes a refreshing take on cannabis branding and design with the use of custom lowrider and motorcycle imagery right on the front of the bag, a tie-in to the brand’s overall vibe - loud, bold, and unconventional.

“Creating this new line of infused blunts has been a super motivating exercise in pushing the brand forward in terms of identity and new product development,” said Jonathan Griffith, Claybourne co-founder and VP of Marketing. “At the end of the day, we’re just really excited, as a team and company, to offer a premium option to the 1.5g infused blunt segment and help consumers get the experience they’ve been missing out on.”

Claybourne Flyers 1.5g Infused Blunts are now available across the state at California licensed retailers. Visit www.claybourneco.com/flyersinfusedblunt to experience the product virtually.

About Claybourne Co.
Founded in 2017, Claybourne is an industry-leading, owner-operated cannabis cultivator and lifestyle brand offering curated selections of premium indoor flower, infused pre-rolls and blunts to the California market. Since day one, Claybourne’s mission has been to produce the highest-quality, flower-based cannabis products and to redefine what cannabis culture is through untraditional collaborations and partnerships. Today, Claybourne has developed into a house-hold, industry name by innovating a top-selling product portfolio that is unmatched by competitors in the largest and most competitive cannabis market in the world. For more information visit www.claybourneco.com, follow us on Instagram or connect with us on LinkedIn.

Contact Information:
Jonathan Griffith
Co-Founder, VP Marketing
[email protected]
(951) 288-9204

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