May27 , 2024

LevelUp Day 2023: HighLevel Unveils Groundbreaking Features


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Transforming Digital Marketing with the Latest Innovations

HighLevel, a leading marketing tech company, recently hosted LevelUp Day 2023, unveiling an array of groundbreaking features to empower businesses and marketers. Co-founders Shaun Clark, Varun Vairavan, and Robin Alex have been working feverishly behind the scenes with the global HighLevel team. Shaun Clark said, “Our HighLevel community means the world to us ... especially this year on our fifth year of HighLevel. LevelUp Day is our way of giving back and sharing the innovation that's been cooking behind the scenes. It was tough keeping these secrets, but it's all for the benefit of our community." 

In this feature-packed event, the team demonstrated our commitment to advancing the industry with our product and to creating a truly exceptional event to empower our community of digital marketers. We released features that have been at the top of our community’s wishlist: 

- SaaS Revolution: Agencies can now customize welcome emails for SaaS locations and create up to 20 SaaS plans with specific user and contact limits.

- Mobile Marvels: The mobile experience gets a boost with features like warm and blind call transfers, Google sign-in, scheduled SMS emails, WhatsApp integration, and more.

- Advanced Features for Communities and Courses: Communities now support paid groups, while courses seamlessly integrate, and a new certificate product enhances learning.

These are just a glimpse of the features unveiled, aimed at revolutionizing marketing strategies and boosting businesses. As a co-founder and Head of Development Varun Vairavan expressed, "We're thrilled about the releases we shared today with our digital marketing community, and we can't wait for future releases to follow."

Follow along on our website and blog to explore these game-changing features and more.

About HighLevel

Developed for agencies by an agency, HighLevel's goal is to help marketing professionals and agencies reach and surpass their benchmarks for success. We believe in enhancing automation, improving communication, and boosting scalability in a consumer-friendly way, and we consistently provide future-embracing updates that exemplify these priorities. 

Our AI-powered all-in-one sales, marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM) platform offers numerous features that provide limitless opportunities to our customers. We also encourage the rebranding of our platform, offering agencies and marketers a white-labeled version that allows them to scale beyond what they ever thought possible.

HighLevel continues to grow exponentially, increasing the impact on the tech community, the SaaS industry, and our extensive collection of clients. With many ground-breaking updates in the near future, we expect this growth not to only continue, but to compound as time goes on.

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