July17 , 2024

Join the ‘Kindness Is Cool’ Celebration Event at NYC’s Times Square (March 8th @ 1PM ET)


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Join the ‘Kindness Is Cool’ Celebration Event at NYC’s Times Square (March 8th @ 1PM ET)

The winners of the Kindness Is Cool Video Awards will be presented a cash prize and showcased on a Times Square billboard

MIDDLETOWN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Gan Jing World announced the “Kindness Is Cool” celebration event to be held in Times Square, NY on Friday, March 8th at 1PM ET, inviting the public to join as members of the media, sponsors, and esteemed guests are welcomed to witness a momentous occasion.

While the Kindness Is Cool video competition has drawn to a close, the impact of the event has been felt far and wide as it initiated a global call to action for kindness in people’s daily lives and their communities, contributing to more than 10,000 entries worldwide.

After receiving an overwhelming number of entries, 17 of which creativity and talent truly stood out, this event will serve as a platform to recognize their achievement and celebrate their success. Furthermore, the event serves as a testament to showcase the great impact of kindness in today’s world.

The winner of the Kindness Is Cool Video Awards will be presented the cash prize and showcased on a Times Square billboard, located at 1568 Broadway, New York, NY 10036. Media interviews and photo opportunities will follow.

The Kindness Is Cool event is one of the many initiatives Gan Jing World is taking to integrate its main message and mission into the platform. Gan Jing World’s Media Director, Nick Janicki shares, “The idea of Gan Jing World is to have a family-friendly, online social media platform. Through events like “Kindness Is Cool”, we hope to inspire positive community engagement, mutual respect, care, kindness, and to foster tighter family and social bonds.”

The Kindness Is Cool Creativity Awards (1 prize, $10,000) goes to Breaking Barriers Showing kindness toward another can change a life and recipients of kind acts can pay it forward to change even more lives. In this winning kindness video, David Vobora, retired NFL linebacker and founder of the Adaptive Training Foundation, shares his journey of helping veterans and first responders with disabilities by providing free training and housing, helping them become trainers to help others.

The creator of this outstanding video, Samual Coggin, is the 14-year-old founder and CEO of Legacy Media. When interviewed by NTD Television, he said, “I felt very honored to win the award for Kindness Is Cool, because there is kindness everywhere.” His father, Chris Coggin, is proud of his son’s achievement. “The most important thing for me about Sam winning is, his win shines light on the Adaptive Training Foundation, what they are doing with athletes is something I don’t think any other organizations in the world is doing.”

Check out the official winner announcement to see all winning entries.

Although the Kindness Is Cool event is concluding, more events are planned for the upcoming future. The Gan Jing World platform shared on the winner announcement, “We thank all who joined us in this season of kindness. Together our efforts toward kindness sent great waves throughout the world, uplifting the hearts and minds of many. Welcome to the future of a vibrant positive community.”

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Gan Jing World is a new family-friendly social platform that seeks to foster positive and uplifting engagement in its community, helping people recall the importance of strong bonds in the family and community to nurturing the mind and spirit. The platform allows for a multimedia sharing environment, where the fundamental mission is to create positive change in the world through showcasing inspiring content that uplifts society.

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