April19 , 2024

Introducing NextPhase Community: Groundbreaking Online Hub for Injured Plaintiffs, Personal Injury Attorneys


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NextPhase Community, LLC Co-Founders

Joseph Di Gangi (L) and Dr. Darren Aboyoun (R), the two co-founders of NextPhase Community, LLC

NextPhase Community, LLC, a digital financial and emotional health platform from Easton, Pa., announced the launch of their first-of-its-kind online community designed exclusively for Injured Plaintiffs and their referring personal injury attorneys. Their goal is to provide a supportive and educational environment where individuals navigating personal injury and settlement journeys can connect, learn and thrive. The application is now available on web, iOS and Android.

NextPhase offers a Mentorship Program led by peers who have endured personal injury hardships and are eager to give back to others on a similar path.

“This peer-to-peer support system fosters a sense of camaraderie and understanding that is unparalleled in traditional legal circles,” says Joseph Di Gangi, Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) and co-founder of NextPhase Community.

NextPhase Community provides professional guidance on how to seamlessly integrate the legal, medical, financial and emotional aspects of surviving a personal injury and subsequent settlement. This approach ensures that every aspect of an injured plaintiff's journey is addressed with care and expertise.

NextPhase Community combines financial acumen and psychological expertise to offer a multi-faceted support network.

"Our aim is to empower injured plaintiffs with the knowledge and resources they need to navigate the challenging terrain of personal injury and settlement,” says Di Gangi. “By bringing together a community of individuals who have walked this path and providing professional guidance, we are revolutionizing the way plaintiffs and attorneys approach these situations.”

“NextPhase Community is not only a lifeline for injured plaintiffs but also an invaluable resource for personal injury attorneys,” says Dr. Darren Aboyoun, PhD and co-founder of NextPhase Community. “By enhancing collaboration and understanding between plaintiffs and attorneys, we believe this initiative will improve the plaintiff experience.”

Injured Plaintiffs and Personal Injury Attorneys are encouraged to join NextPhase Community today. To learn more about this groundbreaking initiative and become a member, visit NextPhase Community.

For further inquiries or to schedule an interview with Joseph Di Gangi or Dr. Darren Aboyoun, please contact the NextPhase Community at: https://www.nextphasecommunity.com

Contact Information:
Darren Aboyoun
[email protected]

Joseph Di Gangi
[email protected]

Original Source: Introducing NextPhase Community: Groundbreaking Online Hub for Injured Plaintiffs, Personal Injury Attorneys