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Go Inside The Newsroom With Novels From Award-Winning Author And Journalist C.D. ‘Tony’ Hylton


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Go Inside The Newsroom With Novels From Award-Winning Author And Journalist C.D. ‘Tony’ Hylton

Book 1 – Enough

Book 2 – And Raise Hell

Book 3 – Comes Around

Award-Winning Author C.D. ‘Tony’ Hylton

~The Books Take You Inside the World of A Small-Town Newspaper Editor Who Puts Everything On The Line To Hold Those In Power Accountable~

CHARLESTON, WV, UNITED STATES, February 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — If no one is there to tell the truth, too many bad things can happen, and too many good things go unnoticed. That’s the message at the core of “Enough,” “And Raise Hell,” and “Comes Around,” the first three in a series of novels by award-winning author and long-time journalist C.D. “Tony” Hylton, all published by Headline Books.

In a world where journalists are often accused of delivering ‘fake news,’ and many newspapers have either folded or are barely hanging on due to plummeting readership and advertising dollars, the lone information source many Americans consume is their always slanted social media feed. Hylton’s books take aim at what could happen in an ‘information desert’ if no one is there to seek the truth.

Part morality tales, part political thrillers, all edge-of-your-seat page-turners, Hylton’s books take you inside the world of Rick Hill, publisher and chief truth-teller at the Lawnsville Crier, the only reliable local information source in Jordan County. Known for Hill’s honest and direct reporting, the Crier soon becomes the target of old-line politicos as the newspaper has the potential to influence local, state, and national elections.

Hill would much prefer to publish the good news that happens in his town; there’s plenty of it to go around. However, Rick sees part of his responsibility as shining a light into the dark corners of the political machine that has clung to power there for decades. That decision puts Rick at odds with people who would just as soon get rid of him and the newspaper, once and for all.

The riveting series gives an insider’s view of a dedicated, underdog small-town newspaper publisher who takes on the rough and tumble brand of politics and back-room dealings Hylton saw firsthand as a newspaperman. He uses his experience to bring the stories to life, with intricate plots, well-developed characters, and the author’s keen understanding of the unique dynamics of small-town America. Hylton’s book series is a masterclass in political storytelling.

Hylton writes his riveting novels from his own firsthand newspaperman experience. He grew up the son of a local newspaper publisher. After serving his country in Vietnam as a Public Information Officer, he was the editor and publisher of the Hinton Daily News before a long, successful career as a communications director in Washington, DC.

“There’s a lot of Tony Hylton in the character of Rick Hill; they never burned my newspaper down like happened to Rick in the first book, but I imagine we came very close a time or two,” said Hylton, whose series of books have garnered awards and honorable mentions from Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Southern California, Paris, Hollywood, and New York Book Festivals. The books are now also being re-written as screenplays for movie adaptation.

About the Author

International award-winning author C. D. “Tony” Hylton, III is a journalism veteran with an illustrious career that includes editor/publisher of the Hinton (W.V.) Daily News (now Hinton News); public relations practitioner for a Washington, D.C.-based national trade association and Weirton Steel in West Virginia; Communications Director for AARP in Virginia; and Public Information Officer for a major U.S. Army Command in Vietnam.

Praises for C. D. “Tony” Hylton, III Books:

“There’s nothing like a good story about political corruption in West Virginia to pique a reader’s interest. Hylton uses his experience in the newspaper business to weave a page-turner that will leave the reader cheering for principled small-town journalism.”

-Hoppy Kercheval, award-winning broadcaster, V.P. of Operations, WVRC Media, host of award-winning syndicated “Talkline” radio show

“Tony Hylton exposes the tawdry details of exercising power in a corrupt political system and captures the determined efforts of a brave newspaperman to clean it up. Enough is a fast-moving and intriguing read.”

-H. Marshall Jarrett, Director of the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys Department of Justice (RET),

Washington, D.C., and served as First Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of West Virginia

“Hylton’s experience as a small-town newspaper publisher provides us a seldom revealed window into the way corrupt political systems operate, regardless of their location, and provides evidence of the value of an honest, non-compromised free press to all of us.”

-Ronald Pearson, West Virginia State Treasurer, July 1975 to January 1977

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