July14 , 2024

Forensic Payroll Consultants, Inc. (FPC) Announces Launch of Payroll Tax Registration Portal


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Recognized as an ethical, accurate, and efficient processor of prior payroll tax issues by national payroll providers and the accounting community for over a decade, FPC is making it easier for employers to operate and expand into other states.

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Forensic Payroll Consultants, Inc., a national provider of forensic payroll service consulting, announces today it has launched a single secure self-service multi-state registration portal that eases the burden to employers of having to use multiple state payroll tax agency sites.

Employers who want to do business in multiple states are required to register for State Unemployment, Withholding, and, in some cases, Local Withholding, using multiple websites even within the same tax agency. FPC’s proprietary portal is a single point of entry where users enter company information once and then select the states and tax types within those states that they need in one session.

For over a decade, Forensic Payroll has been the leader in the 3rd party employment tax compliance and payroll data correction process. “Other so-called 'Registration Service' providers promote full-service but what that means is they are providing broad services related to business filing registration requirements but are not experts in payroll tax administration. They won’t ask questions that protect the employer and their payroll tax obligations,” says Andrew Lopez, CEO of Forensic Payroll Consultants, Inc. 

Most importantly, FPC’s portal provides the following features:

  • The ability to message the registration analyst handling your account. 
  • The ability to see where the registration is at via a progress bar in the user’s personalized dashboard. 
  • Once completed, the ability to see the confirmation of ID issuance.  

Forensic Payroll capitalizes on their experience and helps employers reduce costs while ensuring compliance through intelligent analysis of their registration and payroll tax data. “Forensic Payroll does not process payroll. However, the portal provides streamlined payroll processing compliance to hundreds of accounting professionals and payroll companies around the country that Forensic Payroll partners with, and we look to a future enhancement where payroll service providers can white label the service for their own use,” said Andrew Lopez.  


Forensic Payroll Consultants works with employers to bring their current and prior payroll issues into compliance. FPC works directly with the employer, the employer’s accountant, or their payroll processing representative to resolve delinquencies in prior periods, so they become compliant going forward. In addition to these services, FPC also offers payroll record reconstruction, amendment processing to all jurisdictions in the United States, payroll tax notice resolution, employment classification defense, and wage base tax recovery due to a merger or acquisition. To learn more, contact FPC at [email protected] or forensicpayroll.com

Contact Information:
Andrew Lopez
President and CEO
[email protected]

Original Source: Forensic Payroll Consultants, Inc. (FPC) Announces Launch of Payroll Tax Registration Portal