July17 , 2024

Attorney Brian White Recently Obtained a $102 Million Judgment for a Client in a Gun Violence Case


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Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers has announced they recently obtained a $102 million judgment for their client. The firm’s client was shot in the chest by a man who had been stalking her and her friends. After following the group for more than a quarter of a mile, threatening them, the 18-year-old gunman shot the client, screamed an obscenity at her, and ran. The client was left injured as her friends tried to support her and the EMTs waited for the scene to be declared safe.

Thankfully, the client not only survived, but recovered and went on to become an EMT herself. She now helps victims of attacks like the one that almost took her life.

Attorney Brian White heard the story and knew he had to help this client get justice. He offered to represent her for free and took her case to court. Although the firm knew the chances of her actually getting money from a settlement were low, they were determined to get her a fair verdict anyway.

At trial, the client was awarded a settlement of $102.7 million, half of which was in punitive damages - damages designed to punish a defendant for particularly heinous behavior. Punitive damages are exceptionally rare to recover in personal injury cases.

Although this client may never see most of that money, this win is important, nonetheless. Her attacker will forever have a $100+ million judgment on his record, and that settlement will also impact his credit. Brian and his team are proud to have achieved such a result for a deserving client.

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Original Source: Attorney Brian White Recently Obtained a $102 Million Judgment for a Client in a Gun Violence Case