February22 , 2024

Artist Kimberly Dawnly’s Chromesthesia Series: A Visual Ode to Classic Rock at Intersect Palm Springs and LA Art Fairs


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Wild World Kimberly Dawnly24 X 24 inches Oil on Canvas 2023

Life in the Fast Lane  Kimberly Dawnly40 X 30 inches Oil on Canvas 2023

Life in the Fast Lane Kimberly Dawnly40 X 30 inches Oil on Canvas 2023

Take it Easy  Kimberly Dawnly40 X 30 inches Oil on Canvas 2023

Take it Easy Kimberly Dawnly40 X 30 inches Oil on Canvas 2023

bG Gallery is proud to present Kimberly Dawnly’s “Chromesthesia” latest bold painting series at the Intersect Palm Springs and LA Art Fairs this February.

Music paints my world with color. I look forward to sharing my vision of Classic Rock music as vibrant color. I am thrilled to debut ‘Chromesthesia’ at these 2 CA Art Fairs represented by bG Gallery.”

— Kimberly Dawnly

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Announcing a new series of paintings where music and color collide – bG Gallery is proud to present Kimberly Dawnly’s “Chromesthesia” series at the Intersect Palm Springs and LA Art Fairs this February. A rich journey from the finance world of downtown New York to the vivid spaces of the art world, Dawnly offers an exquisite visual feast that celebrates the union of auditory and visual sensations.

A Dance of Hues and Tunes ion Every Canvas

Kimberly Dawnly’s art transcends the ordinary gallery experience. Her paintings are not just seen; they are felt. Each brushstroke captures the soulful melodies and rhythms of classic Rock and Roll, inviting audiences to an immersive experience that must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. The vibrant reds, electric blues, and golden yellows of her “Chromesthesia” series do more than just adorn the canvas; they pulse with the life and vibrancy of the music that inspired them.

Artist’s Journey: From Economics to Art

Born in Dallas, Texas, Kimberly Dawnly’s early life was a blend of local culture and academic pursuits. Her journey from studying International Economics at Georgetown University to a thriving career in New York’s fi/nance sector laid the foundation for an unexpected twist: a full-time career in the arts. Dawnly’s life is a testament to the power of embracing one’s true calling, regardless of its unexpected nature.

A Global Palette: Influences from Around the World

Dawnly’s art is deeply influenced by her extensive travels and studies in Impressionism, Tribal, and Buddhist art. Having visited over 40 countries, her exposure to diverse cultures, politics, music, and sociology is vividly reflected in her work. Now residing in Greenwich, Connecticut, Dawnly’s art studio is a crucible of global influences, churning out pieces that speak a universal language of color and emotion.

Chromesthesia: A Fusion of Sound and Color

Her latest series, “Chromesthesia,” is an exploration of synesthesia, where sound is perceived as color. These abstract oil paintings are a visual representation of classic Rock and Roll, translating the auditory experience into a vibrant visual journey. Dawnly’s work is a celebration of color (“chroma”) and sensation (“aisthesis”), inviting viewers to “see” music through her eyes.

Be Our Special Guest

In celebration of this unique series, bG Gallery is offering a limited number of complimentary tickets to the fairs for an up-close experience with Dawnly’s dynamic works. See first-hand how “Chromesthesia” translates the invisible energy of music into a chromatic spectacle that captivates and enchants.

Exhibition Details

Dawnly’s “Chromesthesia” series will be on unveiled and on exhibit at:

Intersect Palm Springs 2024 Art and Design Fair

Opening Night Preview: Thursday, February 8

General Admission: February 9 – 11

Location: Palm Springs Convention Center

bG Gallery Booth at Intersect Palm Springs: www.bgartdealings.com

LA Art Show – Modern + Contemporary

Dates: February 14-18

Location: LA Convention Center, West Hall

bG Gallery Booth #1314 at LA Art Fair: www.bgartdealings.com

Connect with Kimberly Dawnly

Instagram: @KimberlyDawnly

Website: www.kimberlydawnly.com

Email: [email protected]

Tel/Text: 917-319-2030

We hope you can join us to experience a unique blend of rock music and color at Kimberly Dawnly’s exhibition and immerse yourself in a world where every stroke tells a story, and every color sings a song.


Om Bleicher, Gallery Director

bG Gallery

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 310-906-4211


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Kimberly Dawnly, Artist
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