July17 , 2024

ABJA Ohana LLC Secures Exclusive Agreement With TLC Modular Construction LLC Vietnam to Build and Distribute Factory-Built Homes in the USA


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Sales Begin 2024 in All 50 States, Including Hawaii and Puerto Rico, through TLC Modular USA Inc. Company reports over $24M in Orders with Plans to Set Up Authorized Distributors and Assembly Factories Throughout the USA.

TLC Modular USA Inc. Factory-Built Modern Luxury Home

4 Bed, 3 Bath Luxury California 2,200-sf Premium Factory-built Home.

ABJA Ohana LLC is pleased to announce that it has secured an exclusive distribution agreement with TLC Modular Construction LLC, a global leader in factory-built housing based in Vietnam. ABJA Ohana and TLC Modular will team up to develop, market, and distribute premium quality homes and apartment buildings to the United States. The new company will operate as TLC Modular USA Inc.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to sell the finest factory-built green homes on the planet!” said Amir Borochov, CEO of TLC Modular USA Inc.  “We searched the world for the best product available.  Our TLC Modular factory in Vietnam, capable of producing millions of square feet, affords us an edge in quality and price that is unmatched among our competitors.”

Terry Gordon, Business Development Manager for TLC Modular Construction LLC in Vietnam, said “We are excited to secure this important agreement with TLC Modular USA Inc. to supply the US market with our affordable green homes, ADU’s, apartments, hotels and even entire communities.”  Gordon has 20 years of experience working with TLC Modular and supporting international clients.  During his tenure, TLC Modular has manufactured and delivered hundreds of factory-built housing units to Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

“Our proprietary volumetric construction methods allow for quick construction and assembly, and features luxury finishes and designs that are virtually indistinguishable from traditional stick-built construction,” Gordon added. “We are eager to meet the tremendous demand for affordable housing in the USA!”

The company has announced that it has received orders totaling over $24 million for 2024.  Orders include a 58-unit apartment building in Honolulu, Hawaii, 169 single-family homes in Riverside, California, and 121 units in Desert Hot Springs, California.

“We will add state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly facilities in California, Hawaii and other states as we execute our business plan to deliver thousands of affordable units throughout the United States,” said TLC Modular USA Inc. Chairman, Jack Abramov. 

TLC Modular USA Inc. is pleased to announce the appointments of Amir Borochov - CEO,  Jack Abramov - Chairman,  Linda Kinjo - VP Operations,  Terry Gordon - Global Business Development,  Monty Abramov – Real Estate Sales & Acquisitions,  Robert Garcia – Special Projects and Gunjan Doshi – Business Development Northeast.  

ABJA Ohana LLC was represented by legal counsel Laura Davidov.

The company is now accepting applications for authorized TLC Modular USA contractors, salespeople and distributors in all 50 states.  For information on becoming an authorized dealer please visit the website www.tlcmodularusa.com

About TLC Modular USA Inc.

TLC Modular USA is a market leader in the factory-built home sector, manufacturing top-quality homes with accuracy and efficiency. Homes are constructed in a controlled environment using the most recent technology, guaranteeing consistency and durability with each project. TLC Modular USA is committed to provide the world's finest quality factory-built homes, apartments, townhomes, and hotels. The company is dedicated to being ecologically responsible, using sustainable materials and greener manufacturing methods to minimize our carbon footprint.

About TLC Modular Construction LLC

TLC Modular has delivered over 3 million square feet of green, affordable modular homes worldwide from its factory in Vietnam, including large projects in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. 

About ABJA Ohana LLC.

ABJA OHANA was established to fulfill the American dream of home ownership at entry-level and mid-tier.   OHANA means "Family" in Hawaiian.  ABJA OHANA was created from our family to yours...fulfilling the American Dream of owning your own home in the USA.  A smarter, greener more beautiful home, with a lower carbon footprint, and quality built to last.  Our passionate worldwide team is dedicated to your 100% satisfaction, in delivering the finest factory-built homes on the planet.  Mahalo.

Contact Information:
David Matatov
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Original Source: ABJA Ohana LLC Secures Exclusive Agreement With TLC Modular Construction LLC Vietnam to Build and Distribute Factory-Built Homes in the USA