July17 , 2024

7Sigma Unveils Revolutionary AI Layer for NOC360, Empowering ISPs and Carriers With Unprecedented Network Intelligence


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Industry-leading AI cuts call times by 70%, significantly reduces CSR training time, provides proactive threat detection, and increases network optimization

7Sigma Systems

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7Sigma Systems announces the groundbreaking launch of an AI layer for its industry-leading software platform, NOC360. This revolutionary addition, part of 7Sigma’s Future Labs, leverages the comprehensive data integration capabilities of NOC360 to deliver real-time subscriber and network insights, empowering ISPs and carriers to optimize operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

First in the Industry, Powered by NOC360’s Integrated Data Advantage

7Sigma stands alone in offering the first-ever AI layer specifically designed for the unique needs of ISPs and carriers. This innovation is made possible by the unmatched data aggregation capabilities of NOC360, which seamlessly integrates all critical metrics across all carrier platforms, hardware, and software. Because of NOC360's unique integrations, this new AI layer can analyze a vast sea of information with unparalleled accuracy and speed, generating insights previously unobtainable.

“We built NOC360 to pull information from every platform - billing, OSS, access, core and edge routing, ticketing, etc., and use that information to provide subscriber and network insights in seconds,” noted Frank Kaim, CEO of 7Sigma Systems. “Now, we’ve combined NOC360’s powerful integration activity with cutting-edge AI to provide insights instantaneously. We believe this new AI feature will be revolutionary - it will shave minutes off of subscriber calls, and provide efficiencies across the carrier organization. But it’s only the start. We will continue building and improving on this as we continue to deliver best-in-class software.”

Unlocking the Power of AI for Network Optimization

This new AI layer for NOC360 delivers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Up to 70% Shorter Subscriber Call Times
  • Significantly Reduced CSR Training Times
  • Proactive Threat Detection
  • Personalized Subscriber Insights
  • Intelligent Network Optimization
  • Real-time Anomaly Detection


The AI layer for NOC360 will be released as part of 7Sigma’s Future Labs. Users of NOC360 will see it built into their software. To get a demo of NOC360, please visit https://www.7sigma.com/book-online or contact us at [email protected]. With this revolutionary innovation, 7Sigma is proud to empower ISPs and carriers to unlock the full potential of their networks and deliver exceptional value to their subscribers.

About 7Sigma

7Sigma provides best-in-class carrier and ISP solutions. Our NOC360 software integrates across all platforms and across your network enterprise to deliver the most advanced carrier intelligence insights in the industry.  Our top-tier engineering solutions provide carriers and ISPs with the expertise and support necessary to plan, operate and grow effectively. Learn more today at 7Sigma.com


Contact Information:
Frank Kaim
[email protected]
+1 952-856-0069

Original Source: 7Sigma Unveils Revolutionary AI Layer for NOC360, Empowering ISPs and Carriers With Unprecedented Network Intelligence