July17 , 2024

Zadarma New Research Report – Leveraging the Power of AI Enabled Call Analytics


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A leading analytical research house, ContactBabel, has recently released a UK and US research report, reviewing the level of adoption of AI enabled call analytics within businesses. The research guide aims to provide a detailed and definitive view of the reality of implementing new technologies.

Zadarma is a global VoIP telecommunication provider and is the significant sponsor of this research. Zadarma offers AI enabled analytical tools, such as speech analytics and speech recognition. Speech analytics is most commonly used in call center environments to deliver fast analysis of calls. Similarly speech recognition is a feature that can offer real-time speech-to-text essential for businesses that require transcripts of conversations.

The paper explores the usage of AI across call centers and collates a range of charts and statistics to summarize the growing adoption and admiration for AI based technologies and analytical tools, particularly within call center environments. This report reviews the usage of analytics for pre and post call analytics and how these tools can help evaluate conversations across various aspects such as tone, clarity, and compliance to protocols. The research statistics suggest that such tools are supporting call centers to deliver a consistent level of customer service as well as helping to identify areas that need improvement.

Increased sales effectiveness and significant time savings are other key benefits summarized in the research paper. The statistics and graphs within the paper suggest that through the analysis of sales call data, one can identify and pinpoint customer servicing strategies that may need refinement. Furthermore, the research paper explains that AI based call analytics tools are particularly useful for reviewing important call discussions, as well as for handling disputes, or for training purposes. These activities thereby can improve the overall performance of call centers. 

The fusion of VoIP technologies with AI has the potential to further enhance seamless communication, elevate user experiences, and improve the quality and assurance around business services. AI enabled analytical tools allow organizations to process and harness data generated by VoIP based phone systems. The paper suggests that AI enabled technologies, such as call analytics, are helping redefine communication processes and enhancing interactions between individuals and businesses, and therefore are highly advancing the functionalities within call center environments. 

Full Report review is here https://zadarma.com/en/blog/customer-interaction-analytics-research 

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Original Source: Zadarma New Research Report - Leveraging the Power of AI Enabled Call Analytics