July18 , 2024

Winston Products Welcomes Twisted Goat to Its Family of Innovative Brands


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The twist tie brand is a compatible addition to the company's lineup

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Man securing an object with a twist tie.

Winston Products LLC, a renowned family-owned company celebrated for its commitment to innovation and excellence, is thrilled to announce the addition of Twisted Goat to its distinguished portfolio of brands. Known for its cutting-edge approach and high-quality products, Twisted Goat will complement and enhance Winston Products’ tradition of delivering top-tier solutions to consumers and professionals alike.

Twisted Goat has established itself as a trailblazer in the industry, offering a dynamic that blends creativity with functionality. This exciting brand aligns perfectly with the ethos of Winston Products, where the focus has always been on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

“We are beyond excited to bring Twisted Goat into the Winston Products family,” said Winston Breeden III, CEO and founder of Winston Products. “Twisted Goat’s innovative spirit makes it a perfect fit with our existing brand SmartStraps. This acquisition not only broadens our product offerings but also reinforces our commitment to providing the best solutions to our customers.”

The addition of Twisted Goat will join the likes of SmartStraps, the inaugural jewel in the Winston Products crown. SmartStraps, which offers state-of-the-art security and tie-down products, has revolutionized the way consumers secure their loads with unparalleled ease and reliability since its launch. Since 2004, SmartStraps has been a consistent market leader in the tie-down category. Twisted Goat’s inventive line of twist ties will now complement this legacy, offering customers a wider array of high-quality, dependable solutions.

As Winston Products continues to grow and diversify, the integration of Twisted Goat represents a strategic move to enhance the company’s market position and expand its reach. Twisted Goat’s distinctive and innovative products are expected to bring a fresh set of options and invigorate Winston Products’ already robust lineup.

“Our mission has always been to lead with innovation and deliver exceptional value to our customers,” added Kyle Klicherman, CEO and Managing Partner. “Twisted GOAT offers multi-functional products that can be used for just about anything that needs to be tied down, bundled, organized, or secured. With Twisted Goat, we are not just adding a brand; we are adding a wealth of creativity and expertise that will drive our company forward.”

For more information about Twisted Goat and to explore its exciting range of products, visit Twisted Goat. To learn more about Winston Products and its family of innovative brands, please visit Winston Products.

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