July17 , 2024

Top Public Gaming Company Executes a Long-Term Contract Extension With MazeBolt to Improve DDoS Protection


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MazeBolt RADAR

RADAR product dashboard

MazeBolt, a leading provider of DDoS vulnerability simulation solutions, announced it has signed a three-year renewal agreement with one of the leading gaming companies in the world.   

Following a successful year of implementing the MazeBolt RADAR™ DDoS vulnerability simulation solution, the gaming company reduced its DDoS vulnerability by over 89%. Using a prioritized action plan for continuous testing, and with MazeBolt guiding their mitigation vendor, almost all of their DDoS vulnerabilities were remediated. Since deploying RADAR, the damaging time-to-mitigation (TTM) SLAs and the need for emergency response teams have been largely eliminated, enabling fully automated DDoS protection with proactive damage prevention.  

“We are seeing a surge in DDoS attacks and in the gaming industry in particular,” commented Matthew Andriani, CEO of MazeBolt. “Our DDoS solution provides cybersecurity teams with critical insight into their DDoS security posture vulnerabilities with detailed reports and recommendations on how to effectively mitigate them, this dramatically reduces our customers' DDoS risk and enforces fully automated protection.”   

“Once MazeBolt showed us how vulnerable we were, we quickly realized the benefits of deploying RADAR,” said the CISO of the gaming company. “We view MazeBolt as our trusted advisor, and we’re extremely pleased with the working relationship between MazeBolt and our DDoS mitigation vendor,” he added. Moving forward, we plan to extend the deployment of RADAR to our other subsidiaries.  

RADAR runs tens of thousands of DDoS simulations, against all production services, allowing organizations to visualize vulnerabilities, take precise actions to remediate before the attack occurs. The solution seamlessly works with all protection layers to bring visibility into online service vulnerabilities through continuous testing that is entirely non-disruptive and requires no downtime to online services. 

About MazeBolt

MazeBolt is pioneering a new approach in DDoS security. MazeBolt RADAR™ is the only solution that identifies and enables the elimination of DDoS vulnerabilities in every layer of DDoS protection, by continuously testing every attack vector across online services, with zero operational downtime. Using RADAR’s patented vulnerability testing technology, enterprises have unparalleled visibility into their DDoS protection solutions so they can be confident that damaging DDoS attacks can be prevented - before they happen.

For more information visit www.mazebolt.com.

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VP Marketing
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Original Source: Top Public Gaming Company Executes a Long-Term Contract Extension With MazeBolt to Improve DDoS Protection