July17 , 2024

TEAL Launches Aurora, an Enhanced IoT Connectivity Platform Enabling Global eSIM Control at Scale


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Aurora gives enterprises the tools needed to scale operations and reduce costs through enhanced connectivity management.

TEAL Aurora

Aurora Global IoT Connectivity Platform

TEAL, the leading provider of eSIM technology, is proud to announce the launch of Aurora, the Company’s next-gen IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP). This CMP is an interface designed for the monitoring and management of IoT devices and data network connections.

TEAL’s Aurora platform provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of features, including a Network App Marketplace that gives enterprises access to over 3,500+ data networks globally. Customers can install new networks with the click of a button, seamlessly switch between existing networks, track data consumption, and monitor real-time device status. 

While some of the above was possible on previous TEAL platforms, there are a few standout features that necessitated the development of Aurora. A core principle throughout the development of the platform was that eUICC technology users need more insight into the eSIM capabilities of their devices in the field. This development adds key functionality to accomplish that, with the inclusion of eUICC health data and deeper SMSR data integration to understand and control the full capabilities of each device deployed in the field.

Aurora enables the remote monitoring of network utilization and operational status of any TEAL eSIM deployed worldwide. The new Aurora usage map allows customers to see where their data consumption is distributed, what carrier infrastructure is in-use, and the ability to quickly view important device health data that is critical to keeping devices always connected.

“Aurora delivers on what eSIM power-users have been asking for,” said TEAL CEO, Robert Hamblet. “The launch gives businesses the tools to deploy devices across thousands of network apps. Aurora is the first single-pane-of-glass that can keep up with the sophistication of a true global eSIM deployment across multiple carrier infrastructures. At the same time, Aurora still provides an easy-to-use, simple experience for both large and small IoT enterprises. We believe this is an objective upgrade over other tools no matter if you are using five eSIMs in one country or 5 million across 80,” stated, Robert Hamblet.

Aurora also provides businesses with unified search, allowing customers to quickly pull up EID information from anywhere on the platform.

Aurora is a major enabler for enterprise customers who want the flexibility and freedom to connect and monitor their compatible devices on any network worldwide. TEAL offers businesses ultimate control to choose which networks fit their needs best, no matter where their devices are deployed.

Teal’s Aurora platform is now available for businesses around the world. 

To learn more about Aurora, please visit: https://tealcom.io/aurora/ 


About TEAL

TEAL’s patented, GSMA-certified eSIM technology connects any compatible device to any data network worldwide. With more network operator agreements than any other connectivity provider, TEAL gives businesses everywhere the flexibility and control to remotely switch between networks, ensuring the highest level of reliability and performance for any internet of things (IoT) deployment. TEAL supports applications across many industries including mobility, robotics, drones, industrial IoT, railways, and healthcare. Learn more at teal.io. 

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