June24 , 2024

South Florida Mothers to Receive Life-Changing Surgery on A.L.L. For Moms Charity Surgery Day


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Klaudia Malomsoki, Mariah Rivas, and Paulette Etzel are the 2024 charity surgery recipients for the A.L.L. For Moms Charity Surgery Day initiative.

Dr. Joshua Lampert Honors Mother’s Legacy with Free Medically Necessary Surgery for Moms

The reward we get from giving back far surpasses the efforts that we put forth towards this special day. This is why I went to medical school, to be a pillar in the community and give back to it.”

— Joshua Lampert, M.D.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, May 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Three South Florida mothers are received life-changing news as they are selected as recipients of the 2024 A.L.L. For Moms Charity Surgery Day, an initiative that aims to provide free, medically necessary surgery to mothers in need. The moms will undergo charitable surgery on May 21, 2024.

Sponsored by Miami-based plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Joshua Lampert, the event is a heartfelt tribute to his late mother, Adele Lynn Lampert, whose birthday on May 21 serves as the inspiration behind this charitable endeavor.

“The reward we get from giving back far surpasses the efforts that we put forth towards this special day,” said Dr. Lampert. “This is why I went to medical school, to be a pillar in the community, to try to give back to the community. It’s something very refreshing to do.”

A South Florida search for applicants launched in April of 2024. After sifting through close to 100 applications, Dr. Lampert and his staff selected three mothers to be the recipients of this annual charity surgery day, now in its second year.
Breast implant removal, also known as explant surgery, was at the forefront of this year’s applications, with an overwhelming need to address health complications that many women face due to their implants. Statistics show that over 25,000 women undergo breast implant removal surgery each year in the United States alone. While breast implants have been a popular choice for cosmetic enhancement, there is a growing concern surrounding Breast Implant Illness (BII), a term used to describe a range of symptoms and health issues that some women attribute to their implants.

Klaudia Malomsoki, one of the selected recipients at 42 years old, has bravely faced the challenges of Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease (ARPKD), losing two previous children to this rare genetic condition. Her 20-year-old breast implants have become a source of health complications, prompting her decision to undergo surgery for their removal.

Mariah Rivas, 62 years old, is battling autoimmune issues that may be linked to her breast implants. Despite her own health struggles, Mariah selflessly cares for her family, embodying the resilience and strength of motherhood. The A.L.L. For Moms initiative will assist her by removing her implants, aiming to enhance her quality of life and alleviate her health concerns.

Paulette Etzel, 43 years old, continues her journey toward healing after an inaugural A.L.L. For Moms recipient in 2023. Her upcoming secondary procedure will target post-implant removal issues, demonstrating the ongoing support and commitment of Dr. Lampert and his team to these deserving mothers.

As the selected mothers prepare to undergo surgery on May 21, their stories shed light on the challenges faced by many women with breast implants. The A.L.L. For Moms initiative not only offers hope and transformation to these individuals but also raises awareness about Breast Implant Illness and the importance of accessible healthcare for all.

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