May30 , 2024

Renowned Host and Executive Producer Maria Lawton to Receive Honorary Degree from Bristol Community College


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Maria Lawton

Maria Lawton – Host of Maria’s Portuguese Table

Maria Lawton, “Azorean Green Bean,” to receive Honorary Degree from Bristol Community College, honoring her pioneering work in preserving Portuguese culture

Immigrating from Sao Miguel, Azores Portugal to the United States, my parents sacrificed everything. This honor is for them, ensuring their bravery wasn’t in vain.”

— Maria Lawton

BOSTON, MA, USA, May 14, 2024 / — **Renowned Host and Executive Producer Maria Lawton to Receive Honorary Degree from Bristol Community College**

čEsteemed television personality and culinary expert Maria Lawton, affectionately known as the “Azorean Green Bean,” is set to receive an honorary degree from Bristol Community College at this month’s Commencement Ceremony. This prestigious recognition serves as a testament to Lawton’s outstanding contributions to the world of television, literature, and Portuguese culture.

In a statement filled with gratitude and humility, Maria Lawton expressed her joy in sharing this momentous news with her supporters. “I am so happy & humbled to share this latest news with all of you,” Lawton remarked, underscoring her deep appreciation for the honor bestowed upon her by Bristol Community College.

As this year’s honorary degree recipient, Maria Lawton joins a select group of individuals recognized for their exceptional achievements and commitment to their respective fields. Lawton’s illustrious career as the host and executive producer of the acclaimed series “Maria’s Portuguese Table” on PBS has earned her widespread acclaim and accolades. Notably, the series has made television history as the first on PBS to showcase the vibrant and rich culture of Portugal, captivating audiences with its authenticity and charm.

Beyond her work in television, Maria Lawton is also a celebrated author, with her best-selling cookbook, “Azorean Cooking: From My Family Table to Yours,” winning the hearts and palates of readers worldwide. Through her culinary expertise and heartfelt storytelling, Lawton has become a beacon of inspiration for individuals seeking to connect with their heritage and embrace the beauty of shared moments around the table.

When not captivating audiences with her award-winning television series or literary endeavors, Maria Lawton finds solace and inspiration in her travels alongside her husband, Bob, who serves as the show’s co-executive producer. Maria has the spirit of resilience, passion, and creativity, inspiring all who cross their path to celebrate their roots and savor the richness of cultural diversity.

Maria Lawton’s journey is deeply rooted in the sacrifices and bravery of her parents, who immigrated from the island of Sao Miguel, Azores Portugal to the United States when she was just six years old. “At the age of six, my parents gave me and my siblings the brave gift of immigrating from Sao Miguel to the United States,” Lawton reflects. “Leaving their family, their home, and belongings behind so that we could have a better life.” Now, as she receives this honor, Lawton is determined to ensure that their sacrifice was not made in vain, honoring their legacy with her remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication to celebrating Portuguese culture.

The recognition of Maria Lawton by Bristol Community College underscores her significant impact on the cultural landscape, both locally and internationally. Through her unwavering dedication to preserving and sharing Portuguese traditions, Lawton has forged meaningful connections and fostered a sense of community among audiences of all backgrounds.

The Commencement Ceremony at Bristol Community College promises to be a momentous occasion, celebrating the achievements of graduates while honoring the remarkable contributions of individuals like Maria Lawton. As she receives her honorary degree, Lawton continues to inspire others to embrace their heritage, celebrate diversity, and create lasting memories around the table.

For more information about Maria Lawton, and her work, please visit Maria’s website Media inquiries and interview requests can also be directed to her website as well.

**About Maria Lawton:**
Maria Lawton, also known as the “Azorean GreenBean,” is a renowned television host, executive producer, and author. Her multi-award-winning series “Maria’s Portuguese Table” on PBS has made television history by showcasing the vibrant culture of Portugal. Additionally, Lawton is the author of the best-selling cookbook “Azorean Cooking: From My Family Table to Yours,” which celebrates the rich culinary heritage of the Azores.

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