July17 , 2024

Rally OurBus Transforming Regional Transportation Through Mass Mobility as a Service 


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The company is applying the innovations seen in other transportation segments to the private bus industry. Their bus rideshare services define a new era of mobility as a service with regularly scheduled intercity travel as well as on-demand rides to concerts, festivals, and sporting events throughout the U.S., Canada, and other countries.

Rally OurBus is revolutionizing regional transportation with a technology platform changing the way people travel regionally. They have two popular services that innovate on the main use cases of the private bus industry. Rally meets demand for transportation to major events and in areas without public transit. OurBus changes scheduled intercity transportation. As the creators of on-demand bus travel, Rally and OurBus have facilitated almost three million rides for people to attend hundreds of events in some 4,000 cities across 40 states and four countries.

Rally pioneered Mass Mobility as a Service (MMaaS) by applying business and technological innovations to the private bus industry. It has assisted fans in attending their favorite MLB and NFL teams’ games, concerts, and festivals using Rally buses.

“We have transformed the bus market with our on-demand bus ridesharing apps for trips of all kinds to give our riders plenty of options,” said Rally founder Numaan Akram. “We are proud of our experience as the leader in mass mobility, offering the best user experience and buses in the industry.”

Rally is a crowd-powered bus service networking together almost 400 private bus operators. The company creates bus routes through its Rally and OurBus apps to meet the demand for travel from a “Rally Point,” a pop-up bus stop, to a specific destination connecting individuals or companies with dynamic bus routes.

With backing from numerous investors including Daimler and tech accelerators, Rally provides a flexible approach to riders looking for regional transportation with its platform that connects buses, high-quality bus companies, and expert drivers. “We have the support of the bus industry with investment from dozens of bus companies to meet the needs of consumers,” said Akram.

Crowdsourced bus trips can fill the gap in underserved markets and other areas needing transportation. OurBus provides on-demand ridesharing services that benefit small cities by providing cost-effective intercity transportation. They help the regional economies too by working with local bus companies and their underutilized fleets.

Rally offers a variety of routes for people to attend their favorite events and creates trips based on the demand around them. Using the Rally app, fans can search for a particular venue, team or artist and join a group of other riders going to the same destination. They have helped tens of thousands of passionate people come together for popular sporting events, festivals, and major music concerts.

Riders can also start or join a group with a specific venue in mind. Once several people, usually 25 or more, sign onto a group, Rally’s algorithms create routes for regional transport, mobilizing significant numbers of people in the community and designating buses with TV/DVD systems, restrooms, comfortable seats, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

In 2021, Rally merged with OurBus, adding city-to-city scheduled services, and offering customized pre-arranged trips from a diverse fleet of coach buses, mini-buses, and shuttle buses. OurBus competes with traditional bus companies like Greyhound and Megabus, but without owning any buses. By networking together with the fleets of local bus operators, they have built a “virtual bus company,” establishing themselves as the highest-rated service in the industry with tens of thousands of 5-star reviews.

Preformed groups can also create private bus trips. Regardless of group size, riders can use the OurBus app and arrange a trip with peace of mind that features charging ports, Wi-Fi, and comfortable seats for a relaxing and enjoyable ride. Riders can choose among a sprinter van (14-16 seats), a minibus (24-36 seats), a mini coach bus (40-50 seats), a motorcoach bus (50-56 seats), or a school bus (40-50 seats) for a variety of group travel needs, whether for a corporate get-together, an academic school trip or a family gathering or event like a wedding.

“We established ourselves as the creators of the bus rideshare,” said Akram. “We have serviced millions of riders in thousands of cities for many events such as music concerts, sporting events, and NASCAR races, as well as regularly scheduled intercity service.”

The seeds of Rally were planted when Akram wanted to attend an event in Washington, D.C., with a group. Realizing there was no bus rideshare program available, Akram decided to build an app and eventually pulled in 5,000 riders. In 2015, he cofounded Rally with Siheun Song at Yale University’s tech accelerator and lined up $1 million to launch Rally as a mass Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and transformed the bus market with its on-demand bus ride-sharing app. They then met Narinder Singh and Axel Hellman, who cofounded OurBus in 2016. The founders came together as Rally OurBus in 2021 with the goal of building the first global mass mobility platform.

Rally has earned over $120 million in revenue since its launch and has facilitated millions of rides in thousands of cities. The bus rideshare company has also helped the environment by saving 144 million lbs. of CO2. Instead of individuals driving to an event in their vehicles, Rally gathers groups for events, cutting down on emissions.

“We have built a dynamic intercity transportation network,” said Akram. “We are excited to be a leader in mass mobility and look forward to being the first international brand in busing.”

For more information, please visit Rally’s website at https://rally.co and OurBus at https://ourbus.com.

About Rally

Rally is a bus rideshare company with a platform that creates on-demand bus trips across many U.S. cities, Canada, and other countries. Riders generate a trip or choose from one of the many crowdsourced trips. Whether for a concert, a sporting event or a festival, Rally unites passionate people, making the journey part of the event-day experience.

OurBus uses AI to create regularly scheduled intercity services. They have 150 stops in the Northeast United States, with stops in Canada, and plan to expand internationally. The company competes with legacy incumbent bus companies on these routes by applying technology and business innovations to regional transportation.

Rally OurBus is disrupting the bus industry, bringing new business to local bus companies, and promoting a greener, safer form of travel. Its Mass Mobility as a Service combines technology and business model innovations in the bus industry. Rally OurBus is disrupting the mode of transportation that moves more people than any other. Its new intercity routes for regional transport and crowdfunding address surge demand travel by converting private car users to shared bus riders.

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