July17 , 2024

Pente Networks Announces Built-in Zero Trust Private 5G Cellular Network Security Suite


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The latest HyperCore Cloud release includes comprehensive private cellular network security, including anomaly detection and hardware-level encryption, from SIM card to mobile core.

Private Network Security Software

Pente HyperCore Cloud private network security software interface

Pente Networks, a private wireless network orchestration and management software company, announces the latest version of the HyperCore Cloud platform includes built-in, zero trust LTE and 5G cloud-to-edge network security. The new HyperCore Cloud Security Suite empowers customers to safeguard all their devices and data within the mobile network through a single, comprehensive system without needing additional software or complex integrations. Serving as a mobile protection hub, the HyperCore Cloud bridges the barrier between the mobile device and the network, from the SIM card to the mobile core, protecting customers against cellular-based attack vectors and much more.

“Private networks introduce a whole new technology to an organization’s existing IT stack and that's why including zero trust, certificate-based security features for our 5G networks are a must,” says Avi Cohen, Pente Networks CEO. “It is also imperative that the HyperCore Cloud remains an out-of-the-box functional orchestration solution that integrates into existing IP environments without needing mobile operator engineering resources. This is why we are so proud to offer the Security Suite as a standard component of the HyperCore Cloud - ensuring IT departments can protect their data all the way to every device on their network.”

The Pente HyperCore Cloud Security Suite features include three robust layers of protection:

  • Device-Level Zero Trust Firewall protecting both the network and the devices allowing for secured private network roaming policies and for the cellular network to be managed like any other enterprise network.
  • Cloud-to-Edge Protection providing hardware-level encryption locally on each edge which completely secures the SIM key database and prevents sensitive customer information and data from being compromised in transit and at rest.
  • Anomaly Detection and Action that send instant alerts and facilitates automated outcomes and actions based on the type of anomaly.

Pente follows the strictest IT security compliance guidelines for the HyperCore Cloud Security Suite and has passed some of the most stringent penetration (PEN) testing conducted by our customers, including several Fortune 50 enterprises and military organizations.

About Pente

Pente provides private wireless network orchestration and management solutions that enable the fastest implementation and integration of LTE and 5G connectivity into enterprise IP networks. Pente’s mobile core and software platform manages millions of IT-grade SIMs for customers around the globe on networks serving corporate enterprise, industry 4.0, digital divide, healthcare, military and defense and many others.

The Pente HyperCore Cloud solution works with any radio and includes over 700 APIs for fast IT integration - simplifying private wireless deployment and management for everyone. Pente has strategic customers and partnerships with leading enterprises, device manufacturers, managed service providers and system integrators. Visit pentenetworks.com to learn more.

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VP Marketing
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