July17 , 2024

Onramp Accelerates Bitcoin Education & Investment in the MENA Region


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As the global financial landscape becomes increasingly interconnected, Bitcoin is emerging as a significant force of unification, transcending borders and cultures to redefine humans’ understanding of value and financial sovereignty.

As the global financial landscape becomes increasingly interconnected, Bitcoin is emerging as a significant force of unification, transcending borders and cultures to redefine humans’ understanding of value and financial sovereignty. Onramp's comprehensive approach to invest in and support the growth of Bitcoin in the MENA region exemplifies the universal appeal and transformative power of a globally accessible, permissionless monetary system. 

This announcement encapsulates a series of strategic endeavors highlighting Onramp's expansion & investment in the region:

  • A partnership with CoinMENA to co-create and share content, research, and educational materials 
  • Entrance to the Bitcoin Association UAE as an early strategic member, reflecting a commitment to Bitcoin advocacy globally
  • Active participation in the Bitcoin Oasis conference, a landmark event put forth by the Bitcoin Association UAE to help accelerate Bitcoin education and investment in the MENA region

This multifaceted approach aims to empower investors, institutions, and entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the evolving Bitcoin landscape. These collaborations embody Onramp’s commitment to disseminating Bitcoin-focused knowledge across the globe. This is particularly significant in the MENA region, an area that respects property rights and has demonstrated a proclivity for embracing the foundational ideals of Bitcoin.

Onramp’s Focus on Bitcoin Education

Onramp's philosophy extends beyond the confines of traditional asset management. At their core, Onramp team members are educators, understanding that investors require varying levels of guidance and information as they explore this asset class. Positioning research and education as the cornerstone of its strategy, Onramp offers a rich suite of resources, including comprehensive written research, engaging video content, and sophisticated analytic tools. These resources are critical in illuminating the essential tenets of the Bitcoin thesis, providing investors with the knowledge required for informed decision-making.

The continued adoption of Bitcoin is ultimately a function of broadening investors’ access to high-quality information on the asset to accelerate their understanding of its fundamental merits. By empowering investors with knowledge about Bitcoin, Onramp’s goal is not just to facilitate investment but foster a more informed investor base.

Strategic Synergies with CoinMENA

Onramp’s partnership with CoinMENA marks a crucial milestone in the MENA region's investment landscape. This alliance brings to the fore institutional-grade Bitcoin research and educational resources for a rapidly growing segment of the Bitcoin universe. CoinMENA, regulated by Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) and the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), plays a critical role in providing reliable on-ramp and off-ramp services, linking traditional finance with the realm of digital assets. This collaboration, especially in the context of Onramp's existing partnership with BitGo – CoinMENA's custody provider – has the potential to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin and custodial best-practices within the region.

Onramp's Strategic Alliance with the Bitcoin Association UAE

Onramp's decision to become an early strategic member of the Bitcoin Association UAE represents a pivotal step in its commitment to championing Bitcoin education and advocacy. By aligning with the most prominent Bitcoin organization in the UAE, Onramp fortifies its dedication to a Bitcoin-only focus, aiming to cultivate a robust, knowledgeable community centered around this asset. The Bitcoin Association UAE serves as an invaluable hub for stimulating discourse, deepening understanding, and fostering collaborative efforts within the Bitcoin sphere. This partnership reinforces Onramp’s role as a leader in Bitcoin education and enhances its capacity to influence and shape the broader narrative around Bitcoin in the UAE and beyond.

Onramp’s Presence at the Bitcoin Oasis Conference

Onramp’s commitment to Bitcoin education and collaboration is further exemplified by its forthcoming participation in the Bitcoin Oasis conference, being organized by the Bitcoin Association UAE. Taking place in Dubai in early February, this prestigious event promises to be a congregation of leading minds in the Bitcoin space, offering Onramp and others the opportunity to showcase insights, engage with industry leaders, and contribute to the evolving discourse on Bitcoin in the MENA region. Onramp’s participation propels its status as a thought leader and underscores its dedication to shaping the future of Bitcoin investment and education.

MENA, Texas, & Bitcoin

At the intersection of global finance and culture, the MENA region and Texas – where Onramp is headquartered – stand out as unique epicenters where the ideals of Bitcoin resonate deeply, driven by a shared appreciation for hard assets, commodities, and a profound sense of financial sovereignty. This synergy is rooted in historical, cultural, and economic parallels that bind these regions to the ethos of Bitcoin.

The MENA region, with its rich history and strategic positioning as a crossroads where East meets West, has long been a hub for the exchange of goods, ideas, and innovations. The recent declaration of Bitcoin as Sharia-compliant in Saudi Arabia underscores the region's progressive embrace of Bitcoin. This acceptance is a testament to Bitcoin's alignment with the fundamental principles of fairness, transparency, and financial sovereignty – ideals that are deeply embedded in the cultural and economic fabric of the Middle East. In a region where civilization has deep roots, the concept of sound money, epitomized by Bitcoin, resonates strongly with its people, mirroring the intrinsic value they have historically placed on tangible assets like oil and gas.

Similarly, Texas, with its robust energy sector and a culture that values freedom and individual rights, has emerged as a fervent supporter of Bitcoin. The state's embrace of Bitcoin is driven by a recognition of its potential to promote financial fairness and independence, aligning with Texas's long-standing appreciation for hard assets. The parallel between Bitcoin and commodities like oil and gas, which have long been the bedrock of Texas's economy, is noteworthy. Both are seen as fundamental assets that represent real value and durability in a rapidly changing world. In Texas, just as in the MENA region, Bitcoin is viewed not just as a digital asset but as a new form of sound money that embodies the enduring principles of a free, fair, and sovereign financial system.

The synergy between Bitcoin, Texas, and the MENA region is a fascinating reflection of how a decentralized digital currency can find common ground across diverse cultural and economic landscapes. In both regions, Bitcoin taps into a shared ethos of valuing hard assets and a collective desire for financial systems that promote autonomy and fairness. This alignment is more than a coincidence; it's a powerful indication of Bitcoin's universal appeal as a foundational building block for a new era of global finance, where the values of sound money are upheld.

A Global Vision for Bitcoin Adoption

Onramp's expansion in the region, marked by its collaboration with CoinMENA, early strategic membership in the Bitcoin Association UAE, and active participation in the Bitcoin Oasis conference, represents a comprehensive and far-reaching initiative in the realm of global finance. These efforts encompass a region-wide effort to promote a Bitcoin-only approach, provide access to top-tier resources and knowledge, and foster a more enlightened and well-informed investor base in the region. Onramp, CoinMENA, and the Bitcoin Association UAE are paving the way for a new era of investor empowerment and the widespread adoption of Bitcoin.

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