July17 , 2024

New Approach Paves the Future of Commercial Space Launch


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Phantom Space and Vaya Space Sign Revolutionary Launch Site Agreement

For the first time, two launch service providers have agreed to simultaneously operate from a single launch complex. Phantom COO Mark Lester and Vaya COO Rob Fabian signed the memorandum of agreement at the Space Mobility Conference, outlining how the two companies will work concurrently at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station’s Launch Complex 13 (LC-13). 

Commercial companies sharing a Launch Complex is a novel approach to maximize limited launch-site availability at the Cape. Historically, one company would exclusively occupy a Launch Complex and populate it with unique and proprietary infrastructure dedicated to its use. While this approach was satisfactory when available launch sites were plentiful and few launch vehicles existed, it is not sustainable in the rapidly growing and diverse commercial space launch environment.

In addition to maximizing available land use, Phantom and Vaya’s approach provides significant national security advantages through responsive and resilient launch. The ability for multiple companies to share infrastructure and launch support systems in a nimble manner dramatically increases launch pad throughput and launch resilience to provide assured access to space. This approach leverages proven airport models where runways, taxiways, gates, and operational infrastructure are company-agnostic shared resources.

“Vaya Space and Phantom value the importance of collaboration to create new responsive launch capability in a safe and efficient manner for long-term growth and sustainability. We have worked diligently together over the last several months on the agreement to underscore our commitment to safety and best address and balance government, spaceport, and company needs,” stated Phantom COO Mark Lester. 

About Vaya Space 

Vaya Space is a privately owned company based on the Space Coast and leveraging patented Vortex Hybrid engine technology to disrupt the Space and Defense markets. For media inquiries, please contact [email protected]

About Phantom Space

Founded by inventors and entrepreneurs Jim Cantrell and Michael D’Angelo, Phantom Space Corporation is a space transportation company democratizing space access by mass manufacturing launch vehicles, satellites, and space propulsion systems. Phantom’s vision is to become the “Henry Ford of Space Transportation” through the opportunity to mass manufacture and launch hundreds of rockets — a 100% U.S.-controlled-and-operated enterprise headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, with multiple launch operations centers. Learn more at https://www.phantomspace.com/

Jim Cantrell, CEO
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Contact Information:
Mary Baldino
Director of Marketing
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