July17 , 2024

Native Sons of the Golden West Opens Membership to All U.S. Citizens in California


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Native Sons of the Golden West Opens Membership to All U.S. Citizens in California

The Native Sons of the Golden West welcomes all U.S. citizens in California to join, ending its 148-year tradition of only accepting native-born Californians.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Native Sons of the Golden West (NSGW), founded in 1875, has long upheld a tradition of accepting only native-born Californians as members. This historic requirement, in place since the organization’s inception, has now been abandoned in favor of a more inclusive approach. The NSGW will now open its membership to all United States citizens aged 18 and older residing in California.

During the 147th Grand Parlor meeting, delegates voted to remove the California birth requirement, allowing non-native Californians to join. This decision aims to strengthen the order by expanding its membership base and fostering greater inclusivity. The only stipulation is that non-native members must wait ten years before being eligible for the Grand Parlor office​​.

“Opening our ranks to everyone has been a long time coming,” said Past Grand President Fred Codoni. “We can now enhance our membership by including all those who love California and contribute new life to our numbers”​​.

The organization faced a significant decline in membership, dropping to an all-time low of 5,562 members. This trend prompted the need for drastic measures to ensure the NSGW’s survival and growth. The recent change is a critical step toward reversing the decline and building a sustainable membership base.

“The 2024 delegates realized that drastic measures were necessary if the Native Sons were to survive,” Codoni added. “This may be our final try to increase membership to sustainable levels”​​.

The change has already generated interest from a diverse array of potential new members, including military and law enforcement officers, teachers, priests, students, and business professionals. These individuals bring a variety of experiences and talents, promising to enrich the organization and help it thrive.

Founded in 1875, the Native Sons of the Golden West is a fraternal organization dedicated to preserving California’s rich history and promoting civic and philanthropic initiatives. Through various programs and events, the organization celebrates the state’s heritage and fosters a spirit of community among its members.

For more news and information about membership and upcoming events, please visit nsgw.org.

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