June24 , 2024

Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer Zoe Wiseman Exhibits Bold Feminine Aesthetic at Cromwell Place


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Photo Independent 2024 at Cromwell Place

Image by Zoe Wiseman

AIM #1, 2023

Image by Zoe Wiseman


Represented by Fabrik Projects Gallery for Photo Independent London

We are thrilled to showcase Zoe Wiseman’s exceptional talent at Photo Independent. Her unique vision and artistic prowess continue to captivate audiences globally.”

— Fabrik Projects Gallery

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Zoe Wiseman, a celebrated fine art photographer represented by Fabrik Projects Gallery, will unveil her evocative work with Photo Independent, hosted at Cromwell Place in the United Kingdom from May 21-26th. This exhibit marks the seventh occasion Wiseman has graced an international stage with her captivating imagery.

Renowned for her innovative approach, Wiseman’s photography transcends traditional boundaries, inviting viewers into immersive realms of light and shadow. Her photography challenges societal perceptions of women and women’s perceptions of themselves.

Wiseman’s work has garnered international acclaim for its evocative imagery and masterful composition. Her new limited-edition fine art photography book, “Sunkissed 85,” transports viewers to sun-drenched landscapes, modern architectural spaces, and stark studio atmospheres that have become signature elements of Wiseman’s artistic vision.

“We are thrilled to showcase Zoe Wiseman’s exceptional talent at Photo Independent,” the team at Fabrik Projects Gallery expressed. “Her unique vision and artistic prowess continue to captivate audiences globally, and we eagerly anticipate introducing her work to new fine art collectors at this prestigious event.”

Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of photography while preserving analog techniques in the digital age, Wiseman has garnered admiration and accolades from peers and art enthusiasts alike. Her commitment to innovation and artistic integrity shines through in each of her thought-provoking creations.

For more information about Zoe Wiseman and her compelling portfolio, please visit her website at zoewiseman.com or contact Fabrik Projects Gallery.

For media inquiries, please contact with Grayce McCormick at Lightfinder PR: [email protected]

About Zoe Wiseman:

Zoe Wiseman’s illustrious career in fine art photography spans over two decades, earning her global recognition and acclaim. Represented by Thompson Literary in NYC and Fabrik Projects Gallery in LA, her work is cherished by collectors worldwide. In 2024, Wiseman released her first book, “Sunkissed 85,” a testament to over 20 years of solarization of Polaroid Type 85 pos/neg film. Her influence extends nationally and internationally, with recent exhibitions in the US curated by BG Gallery and Fabrik Projects, including the LA Art Show, and overseas exhibitions in London and Milan curated by Fabrik Projects. Alongside her artistic endeavors, Wiseman has fostered a vibrant global community of photographers and models for 22 years, gathering annually for joy-filled photographic retreats. Based in Topanga, California, Wiseman draws inspiration from her surroundings, sharing her artistic journey with her husband, Charlie Clouser, a Grammy-nominated artist, former Nine Inch Nails member, and composer for the SAW franchise. Together, they form a creative powerhouse, leaving an indelible mark on art and innovation.

About Fabrik Projects LA:

Fabrik Projects LA is a leading contemporary art gallery based in Los Angeles. It represents emerging and established artists working across various mediums. Focused on showcasing innovative and thought-provoking work, the gallery aims to support artists and engage audiences with dynamic exhibitions and programming. Visit its website at www.fabrikprojects.com for more information.

About Photo Independent: Photo Independent is an international art fair that bridges the gap between photographers and collectors. Founded in 2014, It provides a platform for photographers to showcase their work and connect with worldwide audiences.


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Sunkissed 85 by Zoe Wiseman

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