July18 , 2024

Line\5 Announces Integration With Strategic DX’s Your Dealer Experience Platform


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Revolutionizing F&I Revenue Capture and Customer Relationship Enhancement

Line\5, a leading provider of F&I product financing, announces a new integration with Strategic DX’s Your Dealer Experience (YDE) platform. This collaboration aims to revolutionize how auto dealers capture F&I revenue and enhance customer relationships.

Current Services

Dealers selling various protection plans, such as extended service, tire and wheel, dent and ding, theft, and maintenance, benefit from Line\5’s flexibility. Partnering with Line\5 allows dealers to offer customers flexible funding with immediate approval. No credit is refused, and their eSign capabilities enable fast, easy funding. Line\5’s range of plan options provides flexibility in monthly repayments, complemented by their in-house customer service and collections teams.

New Partner Integration with Your Dealer Experience (YDE)

The integration with Strategic DX’s YDE platform provides auto dealers with a seamless way to capture missed F&I products post-sale without altering the dealer's current F&I menu presentation process or product providers. The dealer’s relationship with their customer remains strong, especially after the vehicle purchase. Customers prefer meaningful interactions over unsolicited calls or junk mail. Informative push notifications on their smartphones, personalized product offerings, and transparent information to educate their decisions create a simplified pathway to purchase ownership-enhancing products.

Brenda Cline-Kereakes, COO of Line\5, stated, "We are excited about the integration with Strategic DX's Your Dealer Experience platform. This partnership enhances our service offerings and reaffirms our commitment to providing innovative solutions that support our dealers' success. By seamlessly integrating post-sale F&I opportunities, we can help dealers maximize revenue while delivering exceptional value to their customers."

Steve Apicella, CEO of Strategic DX, commented, "The most important relationship in the auto sales industry is between the dealer and their customer. It's our collective responsibility to enhance that relationship, leading to increased sales and more meaningful customer retention. F&I is a valuable financial work center that shouldn’t be self-constrained to a one-time transaction. Strategic DX’s Your Dealer Experience (YDE) plus Line\5 equals process intelligence."

Benefits and Features

  • Seamless F&I Product Sales: Capture the opportunity to sell F&I products in a way that is branded for the client and simple for the customer.
  • Increased Revenue: Ability to capture more F&I revenue, even after the initial sale.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Customers have a clear understanding of VSC opportunities available to them.
  • Effective Post-Purchase Follow-Up: Dealerships can seamlessly follow up with customers post-purchase.

This integration will be available to dealers across the USA, enhancing their ability to build long-term customer relationships and achieve financial success.

About Line\5

Line\5 is a leading provider of financing for F&I products, offering dealers the ability to provide flexible, customer-first financing solutions. With a mission to support dealers in driving sales and customer retention, Line\5 offers a range of services, including instant e-contracts, no-fee first payment default guarantees, and various funding options. Line\5 has been recognized with multiple industry awards, including the Diamond Award for Best F&I Financing for three consecutive years in the Auto Dealer Today Dealers’ Choice Awards. For more information, visit Line\5.com.

About Strategic DX

Strategic DX, Inc. uses its Your Dealer Experience (YDE) platform to strengthen dealer-customer relationships and enhance the value of connected F&I administrators. YDE captures missed F&I revenue post-sale, automates new F&I revenue in FixedOps, improves customer engagement, and expands F&I growth opportunities. Recognized with Auto Dealer Today Dealers’ Choice Awards for three consecutive years, Strategic DX is a leader in the industry. For more information, visit Strategic-DX.com.

Learn more about becoming a Line\5 partner today.

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