July17 , 2024

InDevR Introduces Latest Solution for Influenza Vaccine Manufacturers, OmniFlu HA, to Simplify Vaccine Testing and Speed Time to Market


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Validated, off-the-shelf kit for multiplexed seasonal hemagglutinin (HA) detection and quantification addresses the unique challenges faced by vaccine developers and manufacturers.

InDevR, Inc., a global leader in vaccine testing and multiplexed assay development for vaccine manufacturers, is excited to announce the launch of OmniFlu HA, a validated, off-the-shelf kit for seasonal influenza vaccine manufacturers for the detection and quantification of hemagglutinin (HA). 

Every flu season, the World Health Organization releases influenza strain recommendations that often require updates to currently used analytical methods, increasing the test development burden on vaccine manufacturers. InDevR does all of this development work up front, with OmniFlu HA providing simultaneous quantification of 4 seasonal HA antigens (A/H1, A/H3, B/Victoria, and B/Yamagata). Additional validated kits in the InDevR influenza solutions portfolio offer quantification of seasonal neuraminidase (NA) proteins or nucleoproteins (NP). All kits are specific for the current flu season — saving manufacturers months of development time. 

Based on the company’s proven VaxArray® Platform, and leveraging more than 300 meticulously selected influenza antibodies from the InDevR library, OmniFlu HA allows vaccine developers to harness microarray-based multiplexed immunoassays to streamline vaccine characterization, reducing their validation bottlenecks and accelerating analytical development. OmniFlu HA analyzes up to 64 samples with results in less than two hours compared to the several days needed to obtain results using manual ELISA, plate-based, or bead-based immunoassays. It simplifies testing with an out-of-the-box solution that is routinely tested and optimized to ensure seasonal influenza vaccine manufacturers’ needs are met.

InDevR’s deep expertise encompasses over 20 influenza seasons across 10+ years. “Through close partnerships with vaccine producers, we understand the unique challenges influenza vaccine development poses,” said Kathy Rowen, PhD, CEO of InDevR. “OmniFlu HA is a flexible, efficient, and reliable solution that meets the industry's, and ultimately the public's, needs. It is a critical tool in our ongoing mission to improve global health through novel solutions that streamline vaccine production." 

The OmniFlu HA microarray contains multiple antibodies targeting each vaccine component for comprehensive multiplexed detection of influenza HA from a wide range of vaccine production systems including egg-based, cell-based, recombinant, and in vitro expressed protein for application to mRNA vaccines. Capture reagents are pre-validated for high specificity to the A/H1, A/H3, B/Victoria and B/Yamagata components across every biannual strain recommendation made by the World Health Organization.

OmniFlu HA is just one of many innovative kits designed for use on the VaxArray Platform. InDevR's easy-to-use benchtop instrument, ready-to-go kits and customizable assays let vaccine developers and manufacturers simplify and standardize their workflows. The platform provides solutions at multiple stages of the process, allowing researchers to move from early development and optimization to clinical evaluation to potency testing with a single platform. 

“InDevR's technical expertise in establishing methods to quantify various viral agents using the VaxArray Platform has been an invaluable asset for us,” noted Dr. Raymond P. Goodrich, Professor, Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology at Colorado State University’s Research Innovation Center. “The ability to streamline processes and compress project timelines has led to significant efficiency gains, and ultimately contributed to advancing our goals for vaccine development.”

For more information about OmniFlu HA or to learn how it can transform your vaccine production process, please visit indevr.com/omnifluha.

Contact Information:
Craig Hoechstetter
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
[email protected]

Original Source: InDevR Introduces Latest Solution for Influenza Vaccine Manufacturers, OmniFlu HA, to Simplify Vaccine Testing and Speed Time to Market