February26 , 2024

FieldsManager and Little Elm Cricket Association Collaborate to Launch Simplified Member Subscription Solution


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Little Elm Cricket Association

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FieldsManager unveils simplified subscription module for Little Elm Cricket Association. Empowering Associations with Streamlined Membership Lifecycle Tracking

Our relationship with FieldsManager has allowed us to transparently allocate grounds to teams, and now we are taking it to the next level by enhancing financial transparency.”

— Tony Singh, LECA

LITTLE ELM, TX, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — FieldsManager, a cutting-edge solution by UberTejas LLC dba BizCloud Experts, has joined forces with the Little Elm Cricket Association (LECA) to unveil a simplified Membership Subscription Module. This new addition to the FieldsManager platform is set to simplify and streamline the membership lifecycle for associations, providing a user-friendly solution to track and manage member data effectively.

The Little Elm Cricket Association (LECA) has always been passionate about promoting the sport of cricket and fostering a vibrant community of cricket enthusiasts. One of the significant hurdles we faced was the absence of an efficient membership portal. The lack of this essential tool made it difficult to streamline the registration process, manage member data, and communicate effectively with our community. Additionally, the options available in the market were either too complex or prohibitively expensive, which did not align with our association’s resources and needs.

FieldsManager team took upon this challenge and create solution that meet and exceed LECA requirement and given rise to membership subscription module

Key Features of the Subscription Module:

1. User-Friendly Interface: The platform boasts a simple yet effective interface, ensuring ease of navigation for all users.

2. Cost-Effective: Designed with the budget constraints of associations in mind, the module offers an affordable solution without compromising on functionality.

3. Efficient Data Management: Streamlining the process of managing member data, the module ensures accuracy and accessibility.

4. Enhanced Communication: Facilitating improved communication between the association and its members, the module supports seamless interaction and updates.

Tony Singh, speaking on behalf of LECA, emphasized the positive impact of the collaboration, stating, “Our relationship with FieldsManager has allowed us to transparently allocate grounds to teams, and now we are taking it to the next level by enhancing financial transparency.”

Beyond the Subscription Module, FieldsManager is actively involved in supporting LECA in making improvements to a new cricket field. These enhancements will enable LECA to expand its teams and youth programs, contributing to the growth of cricket in the community.

FieldsManager is committed to refining the user experience based on valuable feedback. The team is diligently working to further simplify and enhance the platform before the Cricket Season Launches in 2024.


FieldsManager, A BizCloud Experts Solution: FieldsManager is a comprehensive solution developed by UberTejas LLC dba BizCloud Experts, aimed at addressing the unique needs of associations in managing memberships and enhancing communication.

Little Elm Cricket Association: LECA is a dynamic cricket association committed to fostering the growth of cricket in the community, providing opportunities for teams and youth programs to thrive.

UberTejas LLC dba BizCloud Experts: UberTejas LLC, doing business as BizCloud Experts, is the innovative force behind FieldsManager, offering cutting-edge solutions to streamline business processes and empower associations.

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