July17 , 2024

Exhibition Costas Picadas – Anatomy Unveiled Santorini Museum of Contemporary Art


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Exhibition Costas Picadas – Anatomy Unveiled Santorini Museum of Contemporary Art



exhibition view -SIDE VIEW-3- D PRINT SIZE 40X60-COSTAS PICADAS 2024

Santorini, 11 June, 2024: The Santorini Museum of Contemporary Art is proud to present Costas Picadas and Aris Katsilakis,

SANTORINI, SANTORINI, GREECE, June 11, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Santorini Museum of Contemporary Art is proud to present Costas Picadas and Aris Katsilakis, in an immersive exhibition featuring the distinctive works of visionary artists Costas Picadas and Aris Katsilakis. Through a unique collaboration, the exhibition showcases a harmonious dialogue between their diverse yet complementary artistic expressions.

Costas Picadas invites us into a realm where art seamlessly coexists with technology. His series of prints, which includes works such as “Knee,” “Heart,” “Brain,” and “Lungs,” captivates with hyperrealistic golden organs and solitary leaves growing on pristine white paper. As a versatile multi-media artist, Picadas navigates effortlessly between painting, photography, and video. His focus on digital prints based on 3D human anatomy models reveals the intricate beauty of cellular life on both micro and macro scales, harmoniously aligning with Katsilakis’s impressive sculptures.

The exhibition is now open and will run until the end of September 2024.

Located in Megalochori, the Santorini Museum of Contemporary Art presents a curated selection of contemporary art across two floors, aiming to highlight the diversity and innovation in modern art. The museum offers a dense yet exciting exploration of artistic expression in today’s Greece, serving as a cultural destination and a catalyst for the ongoing vitality of the local community.

For more information about the exhibition, you may visit https://mmuseumsantorini.com/costas-picadas/ or email the Museum at [email protected] .

About Costas Picadas:

Costas Picadas was born in Ioannina. He studied Fine Arts at the École des Beaux-Arts and Art History at the Louvre School in Paris. His works have been exhibited in over 90 exhibitions across various countries. Since 1994, he has lived and worked in New York, continually striving to build bridges between art and science.

Through his art, Picadas aspires to lead the viewer’s experience beyond emotional provocation to a response that expands consciousness and affects both body and soul. According to Picadas, “We live in an era where many people have long been disconnected from the natural environments that once helped regulate our nervous system. However, when we return to nature, the symbiosis we developed with it throughout evolution comes back to our memory.”

The ANATOMY UNVEILED series is greatly inspired by these scientific realities, aiming to provoke an experience that is not only visually and cognitively stimulating for the viewer but also promotes well-being and encourages mental and physical health. Picadas’s solo exhibition reminds us that it is beneficial to occasionally divert our gaze from our immediate technological present, where mind and body are often separated, and contemplate their poetic reunion.

Articles, reviews, and analyses of his work appear in catalogues of solo and group exhibitions, as well as in newspapers and magazines in France, Greece, and New York, including Zing Magazine, Absolute Arts, New York Spaces, Whitehot, Flash Art, and others.

Costas Picadas: [email protected]

Website: www.costaspicadas.com

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