May27 , 2024

Center for Holy Book Finance Introduces a New Form of Faith-Based Finance in the USA


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Holy Book Finance Emerges in the United States

Camille Paldi

Holy Book Finance

Camille Paldi, CEO and Founder of Center for Holy Book Finance in Palo Alto, California, USA introduces Holy Book Finance to the USA. This new form of faith-based finance is based on the Torah, Bible, and Qu’ran and requires the participation of all of the people of the Book, including Muslims, Christians, and Jews. 

Paldi intends to engage in consulting and research and writing and produce webinars, events, and conferences on the topic. Holy Book Finance is not only a movement to cooperate in finding solutions to banking and financial crises and devise new products for our financial system, however, it is a movement of peace as professionals of different religions and faiths are required to collaborate in an inter-faith financial effort. In these tumultuous times, which may be a side-effect of the current banking system, according to the Center for Holy Book Finance, it is more important than ever to unite in cooperation in the realm of finance, banking, and economics.

Paldi is the former CEO and Founder of the Franco-American Alliance for Islamic Finance (FAAIF) in Dubai, UAE from 2013-2017 and is a graduate of Colgate University, London School of Economics, University of Hawaii, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, and Durham University (UK). She holds degrees in finance and law and has completed the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test in London, UK, in June of 2013. Paldi is currently a Certificate Candidate in Inter-religious studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA, USA. Paldi can be contacted at [email protected] or [email protected]. Her website is at  

Contact Information:
Camille Paldi
PR Manager
[email protected]
+1 650 250 2839

Original Source: Center for Holy Book Finance Introduces a New Form of Faith-Based Finance in the USA