July18 , 2024

Brekeke Introducing Open-Sourced Operator Console


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A Multi-Functional WebRTC Telephone Replicated on Web Browsers

Brekeke Software, Inc., is delighted to unveil "Operator Console," a WebRTC telephone application that brings the functionality of feature-rich phones to web browsers. The Operator Console is WebRTC-supported, ensuring all sessions are encrypted at the protocol layer, providing a secure connection.

The Operator Console will be released as an open-sourced application, empowering users to customize and contribute to its development. This web-based application allows businesses to recreate advanced telephone functionalities within a web application, including camp-on and shared line keys. The "Operator Console" application not only replicates these features but also enables users to design the layout freely, facilitating the creation of custom-made phones tailored to specific use cases.

Key Features of 'Operator Console':

  • WebRTC Compatibility: Ensures encrypted communication, minimizing the risk of eavesdropping.
  • Versatile Functionality: Incorporates essential features like call holding, forwarding, and call pickup, along with advanced functions such as multiple lines, park, one-touch dial, and camp-on, commonly found in feature-rich telephone systems.
  • Layout Design Functionality: Provides the freedom to edit the color, position, add, or remove various function buttons.
  • Multiple Layouts: Users can create and switch between multiple layouts, enabling instant adaptation to different usage scenarios.
  • Kiosk Terminal Mode: Utilizes Kiosk terminal mode on devices like tablet PCs for specialized applications, such as reception-specific phones at office entrances.
  • Integration with BrekekePBX: Synchronizes with BrekekePBX's phonebook, displaying caller information upon incoming calls. Click-to-dial directly from the phonebook is also supported.
  • Busylight Integration: Notifying incoming calls through sound and light enhances user awareness.
  • Open Source: The source code is available on GitHub, allowing developers to contribute to the development of custom telephone applications freely.

Availability: 'Operator Console' will be available for use starting December 2023. 
Download from GitHub (https://github.com/brekekesoftware/operator-console)

About Brekeke Software
Brekeke Software, Inc. is an industry-leading developer of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) software products for IP (Internet Protocol) network communications. With a variety of standards-based SIP software, Brekeke products provide a highly scalable and reliable voice and data communication platform for telephony carriers, service providers, and enterprises. Founded in 2002, Brekeke is headquartered in San Mateo, California. For more information, visit https://brekeke.com.

Contact Information:
Tomoko Shimizu
[email protected]

Original Source: Brekeke Introducing Open-Sourced Operator Console