July17 , 2024

BitScreener Released Its Advanced Free Crypto Heatmap


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BitScreener Released Its Advanced Free Crypto Heatmap

BitScreener Crypto HeatMap

SINGAPORE, June 11, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — BitScreener, the leading cryptocurrency tracking app and website, proudly announces the launch of its free crypto heatmap feature. This sophisticated tool simplifies the complexities of the digital asset market, providing investors with a powerful resource to navigate and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Comprehensive Filtering Options:

– Market Cap and Volume: Users can filter cryptocurrencies by market cap and trading volume, catering to those focusing on high-cap, stable coins or low-cap, high-potential coins. Additionally, users can convert coins to native currencies, such as BTC to USD, Pi Network Price to INR or ETH to EUR.

– Performance Timeframes: Coins can be filtered based on performance over different timeframes, such as 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, allowing for identification of both short-term momentum and long-term trends.

Detailed Ranking System:

Top 1000 to Niche Segments: The heatmap provides rankings from the top 100 to the top 1000, including specific segments like rank 200-500, 500-1000, and 1000-2000. Investors can tailor their analysis to specific market segments, whether focusing on blue-chip cryptocurrencies or emerging tokens.

Performance Metrics:

– Percentage Changes: Displaying each cryptocurrency’s percentage change over the selected timeframe offers immediate visual feedback, essential for spotting gainers and losers quickly.

– Color-Coded Visualization: A color-coding system, where green indicates positive performance and red indicates negative performance, helps users quickly assess market sentiment and identify trends.

Interactive and Customizable Interface:

– Adjustable Filters: Users can interact with the heatmap by adjusting filters directly on the interface, including setting specific ranges for market cap and volume for more targeted analysis.

– User-Friendly Design: An intuitive design makes the heatmap accessible for those new to cryptocurrency investing, while still providing the depth needed by seasoned investors.

Categorization and Grouping:

– Sector Analysis: Cryptocurrencies are grouped into categories such as Blockchain Infrastructure, Stablecoins, Meme Coins, DeFi, and more. This categorization assists users in understanding sector-specific trends and making more informed decisions.

– Detailed Insights: By clicking on individual blocks, users can access detailed information about each cryptocurrency, including its historical performance, market cap, and trading volume.

For cryptocurrency investors, quickly and accurately analyzing market data is essential. BitScreener’s Cryptocurrency Heatmap transforms complex data into an easily digestible format, providing a clear overview of market movements. Day traders looking for short-term gains and long-term investors seeking promising projects will find valuable insights.

The heatmap’s comprehensive filtering options, detailed ranking system, and interactive interface make it a valuable tool for informed investment decisions. Visualizing market performance in real-time allows users to monitor trends and manage their portfolios more effectively, potentially leading to improved investment outcomes.

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