July17 , 2024

Beeble brings to market alternative solution and new standard of digital privacy


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Beeble brings to market alternative solution and new standard of digital privacy

Beeble Cloud

Beeble Aliases

Beeble Aliases

Beeble Custom Domains

Beeble Custom Domains

Absolute privacy. Not just technology, but a philosophy of cyber hygiene and a way of life

RIGA, LATVIA, March 13, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — News for those who value of digital hygiene and personal information privacy and those who will be forced to do so by life – the new, but already winning fans around the World Beeble platform combines Private Secure Email and Encrypted Cloud Storage!

Having completed the next development round, Beeble is available to the public and private sectors.

Our unique benefits:

• Private Secure Email and Encrypted Cloud Storage Without Third Party Access. In Beeble’s platform, only the user has access to their passwords and other personal information. Even the developers of the platform themselves can’t get it. Neither they nor any third party can decrypt the information Beeble stores and access the contents of letters or files.

• Beeble Email and Cloud are inter-integrated. There are no more restrictions on the size of letters. Files of any size will be delivered.

• To maintain maximum confidentiality, you can set an automatic deletion time for any letter or file. After the deletion, this information cannot be restored.

• In Beeble Email, users can exchange audio and video messages. Messaging becomes easy and dynamic. Such messages can be successfully sent to users of other email services. Use aliases and connect custom domains to Beeble.

• Compatibility with traditional email services: Encrypted emails and files can be sent to recipients who use traditional email including Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail from one user-friendly platform that works on any device. That way the safety of communication with any correspondent is ensured.

• Store up to 1 TB of files in the cloud, access your files securely from any device.

• Hybrid AES and PGP encryption: To encrypt files, randomly generated AES-256 keys, which are subsequently protected by a private 4096-bit PGP user key.

• Ease of Use: Beeble works on any device and the data is protected automatically and

seamlessly. It is not required to install additional programs or plug-ins to work with Email and Cloud storage.

• Beeble keeps the platform free of ad banners, pop-ups, and visual clutter, making it simple to use.

About Beeble and its Philosophy

The team at Beeble is a group of businessmen, enthusiasts, developers, and engineers, concerned about today’s trends and issues in the field of information security and privacy. Being united in the concern for the right to digital privacy in the digital age, they created a confidential and secure environment for communication, storage of any data, and automation of work processes.

The Beeble platform is not the only player on the market, but it has undeniable advantages. “We have competitors, but our key difference is that we have combined email and cloud storage in one product. All user actions take place within one app, in which switching between tools and functions is simple and convenient. In addition, we have many free addresses available for registration, which allows the users to create beautiful personal accounts”, explains Maxim Papush.

While large technology companies strengthen their power over the digital world through the collection and monetization of personal and business information of billions of people, Beeble offers an alternative solution where user privacy and information confidentiality are protected. There are no ads in the app, and as developers, we do not have access to the files and letters of the customers. As a result, the transfer or sale of user information to third parties (advertisers and possibly fraudsters) is out of the question.

You have the right to protection of your personal information and Beeble is ready to provide it to you!

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