June24 , 2024

Agile Data Strategist Scott Ambler to Present Data Quality Techniques as the Key to Machine Learning at WWDVC


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WWDVC 2024 Themes In List Format

WWDVC 2024 Themes

Save the Date for WWDVC 2024 - April 28-May 3

Save the Date for WWDVC 2024

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WWDVC attendees to gain insights about data quality techniques as keys for success in machine learning projects with Scott Ambler’s session

Without high quality data, most machine learning projects will produce garbage. I’m excited for Scott Ambler’s session on techniques to improve DQ specifically for Machine Learning projects.”

— Sanjay Pande

STOWE, VERMONT, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Data quality plays a critical role in the success of machine learning (ML) projects. To address this crucial aspect, WWDVC 2024 offers on-demand access to renowned Agile Data Strategist Scott Ambler’s pre-recorded session, “Techniques for Improving Data Quality: The Key to Machine Learning.”

“This in-depth session explores a range of practical techniques, compares their effectiveness, and empowers you to identify the ideal combination for your specific ML needs.”, according to a DVA spokesperson.

Attendees can expect to gain actionable Insights and equip themselves with the following strategies:

– Uncover the undeniable link between data quality and ML performance: Understand how clean, reliable data fuels accurate and trustworthy models, while poor data quality undermines project success.
– Explore a diversified portfolio of data quality techniques: Delve into over a dozen traditional and agile approaches, encompassing methods like automated regression testing, data cleansing, and synthetic training data generation.
– Analyze approaches based on five crucial factors: Make informed decisions by comparing techniques based on their timeliness of action, level of automation, direct impact on data quality, speed of benefit realization, and implementation complexity.
– Discover practical solutions tailored to their needs: Go beyond generic solutions. Learn how to identify and implement the optimal combination of techniques, catering to your specific ML project and data challenges.
– Develop a data-driven approach to data quality: Gain the ability to continuously evaluate and improve your data quality practices, ensuring sustained success in your ML endeavors.

This pre-recorded session is a comprehensive resource for mastering specific data quality techniques to unlock the true potential of ML projects. 

“Attendees shall gain valuable insights, practical strategies, and the confidence to navigate data challenges specific to machine learning projects as without this, it’s impossible to have an effective machine learning solution.”, the spokesperson added.

Scott Ambler is a recognized authority in the realm of Agile Data and Agile Modeling. As an Agile Data Strategist and Consulting Methodologist at Ambysoft Inc., Scott possesses a wealth of experience guiding organizations toward improved ways of working and thinking in the data landscape. Notably, he co-created the Disciplined Agile (DA) tool kit from PMI and has authored over 30 books, including best-sellers like “Choose Your WoW!” and “Agile Modeling.” 

“With his vast knowledge and engaging delivery, Scott’s session is expected to give attendees practical techniques to improve data quality which is the key to success in every Machine Learning project and we’re very excited to have him come again and present at the 10th year of this conference.”, continued the DVA spokesperson .

This year’s World Wide Data Vault Consortium (WWDVC) promises an enriching exploration of new themes at the forefront of the Data Analytics and Warehousing landscape. With a focus on fostering practical knowledge and meaningful discussions, WWDVC 2024 delves into critical topics that resonate with industry professionals.

1. Data Fabric Innovation:
One highlighted theme revolves around the evolution of data fabric—a crucial element in managing and accessing data from diverse sources seamlessly. Sessions will explore simplification and standardization of data ingest processes, enabling a better-integrated view of data, and fostering responsiveness to business needs. The incorporation of innovations at the semantic layer further enhances the consistency of business vocabulary and provides a robust foundation for managed self-service analytics.

2. Data Vault and Data Mesh Integration:
The concept of Data Mesh, while gaining traction, lacks detailed implementation guidance. WWDVC 2024 sheds light on practical experiences, drawing parallels with Data Vault 2.0. Speakers will share real-world scenarios and explore the “5 W’s” related to Data Mesh—Who, What, When, Where, and Why. This theme offers a unique opportunity to understand how Data Vault 2.0 can be effectively utilized to implement Data Mesh concepts.

3. Generative AI’s Impact:
The disruptive force of Generative AI takes center stage, offering insights into its potential applications in dynamic data warehousing, taxonomy discovery, dynamic linking, and AI-driven business metrics. Attendees will gain a nuanced understanding of how Generative AI, when coupled with a robust foundation like Data Vault 2.0, can accelerate artifact deliveries within the analytics space.

4. Business Track: Executive’s Guide to Data Quality and Digital Transformation:
Building on the success of the previous year, the Business Track returns with a focus on data quality and digital transformation leadership. This track, presented by business executives, provides invaluable insights into understanding how executives perceive and prioritize data-related technologies and concepts. It’s an essential session for practitioners aiming to align their projects with business objectives.

“These themes collectively contribute to WWDVC 2024’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive, practical, and insightful experience for all attendees. The conference remains a vital platform for professionals to stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of Data Analytics and Warehousing.”, the spokesperson summarized.

Why Attend WWDVC 2024
Attending the World Wide Data Vault Consortium (WWDVC) 2024 is a strategic investment for professionals in the Data Analytics and Warehousing space. This annual gathering provides a unique opportunity to gain practical insights, network with industry thought leaders, and stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations. With themes spanning Data Fabric, Data Vault and Data Mesh integration, the impact of Generative AI, and a dedicated Business Track, WWDVC 2024 ensures a well-rounded exploration of the field. Whether you are seeking to deepen your technical knowledge, understand executive perspectives, or explore the synergy between emerging technologies, WWDVC 2024 offers a platform tailored to your professional growth. 

“Don’t miss this chance to connect, learn, and shape the future of data solutions. Secure your spot now for an invaluable experience at WWDVC 2024.”, continued the DVA spokesperson.

The 10th Annual World Wide Data Vault Consortium (WWDVC) in 2024 is set to explore cutting-edge themes, focusing on the crucial intersection of Data Vault 2.0 and emerging technologies.

“As AI reshapes data strategies, the conference will reveal the pivotal role of Data Vault 2.0 in establishing a fundamental data foundation for effective AI implementation. Additionally, the conference will delve into vital themes such as Data Mesh and how Data Vault 2.0 enables it by providing implementation guidelines which data mesh doesn’t have. Also, there will be exploration of Generative AI’s transformative potential, emphasizing the importance of a solid foundation like Data Vault 2.0. The Business Track provides insights into executive perspectives on data quality and digital transformation leadership, showcasing the relevance of Data Vault 2.0 to business objectives. The event offers a unique opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge and strategic insights from industry leaders”, according to the DVA spokesperson.

For more information and to secure your seats, visit WWDVC.com now.

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